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The Money Is In The List…. Really?

the money is in the list

“The money is in the list” is not my favorite saying. I don’t know how people (including internet marketing gurus) emphasize so much on the importance of building email lists, and they say so because “the money is in the list”. “Money is in the relationship”. Yes the money is …

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Reverse Funnel Multiplier Review

reverse funnel multiplier review

Reverse Funnel Multiplier is a short code that you need to place in your squeeze page, sales page and other marketing pages for a huge increase in leads. According to the author Chris Moran, this tiny code has the potential to increase your optins and conversions up to 300% to …

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Safe Mail Services Review

safe mail services review

Safe Mail Services is an email marketing system that uses emails as a channel for advertisements. The product is designed especially for small online businesses to help them with their marketing campaign or more precisely email marketing campaigns. Find more in Safe Mail Services review. Safe Mail Services Review For …

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Blast 4 Traffic Review

blast 4 traffic review

Blast 4 Traffic, as the name shows, is a safe mail service. You can send your email (advertisement) to more than 70 million targeted people every single month. Well, it looks like a very good deal to increase your sales and opt-in rate but the question is will it bring …

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Covert Cash Conspiracy Review & Bonuses

covert cash conspiracy review

Covert Cash Conspiracy is a money making formula. It is a step-by-step money making formula that works on complete auto-pilot. This formula generated $13K in 48 hours, and around $27K in 7 days. These figures are quite shocking but the question is – are these figures genuine or are inflated? …

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Dotcomsecrets X Review & Bonuses

dotcomsecrets x review

Dotcomsecrets X is an online money making course, of course, I don’t have to tell you this. Well, this course is authored by Russell Brunson. It is not his first course so don’t think that he is a newly emerging IM guru. Rather he is a famous as well as …

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IMSC Rapid Mailer Review & Bonuses

IMSC Rapid Mailer is a wordpress plugin created by Sean Donahoe. This tiny WP plugin provides you full control on email marketing. It is a self-managed autoresponder which has no monthly charges at all. If you are running a wordpress powered site or blog and you want to build your …

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Why and How To Optimize Your Email Sales Funnel

optimize your email sales funnel

If you haven’t properly optimized your email sales funnel, you are not eating your full pizza. Incomplete or poorly optimized email sales funnels result in sales leakage. We will talk more about it in detail in this article. Why It Is Important To Optimize Your Email Sales Funnel So why …

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5 Figure Day Review

5 figure day review

If it is your dream to build a huge email list of potential buyers, you are probably a click away from achieving your dream. Now you can build your email list on complete autopilot with the help of 5 Figure Day. It is a software that lets you build an …

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List Synthesis Review: Beginner’s Email Marketing Guidebook

List Synthesis review

It is hard to separate internet marketing from internet marketing. No matter whether you are an affiliate marketer, a blogger or if you own a small business, you just cannot go without email marketing. The first step in email marketing is to build an email list of potential buyers. This …

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