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Why and How To Optimize Your Email Sales Funnel

If you haven’t properly optimized your email sales funnel, you are not eating your full pizza. Incomplete or poorly optimized email sales funnels result in sales leakage. We will talk more about it in detail in this article.

Why It Is Important To Optimize Your Email Sales Funnel

So why on earth you have to worry for sales funnel optimization? You can write an email, put your links in it and send it via your autoresponder. Why worry for optimization? Why spend time and resources on optimization even if you are getting industry average open rate, CTR and conversion rate?

There are several good reasons for optimizing your email sales funnel, let me share only a few with you.

  1. Optimization can result in increase in sales. This is a proven relationship so we cannot negate it. As you will make your sales funnel better and optimize it properly with an objective of increase in sales, you will get more sales. It is not just about sales, you can optimize for clicks, likes or for any other objective.
  2. It looks professional. There must be (and there always are) professionals and gurus in everyone’s email list. If you send a poorly optimized email to your list, what image you are portraying? The people in your list will not take your emails seriously.
  3. If you have invested money and purchased a pizza, then why not eat it all instead of eating a couple slices and throwing the rest? You should have invested heavily on building an email list, why you don’t want to get most out form it? I am sure you do. Optimization will ensure that you don’t leak sales.

How to Optimize Your Email Sales Funnel

Let’s come to point, how you can optimize your sales funnel?

There are quite a few steps in optimizing your email sales funnel. We will now discuss them.

Thank You Page

Thank You page is a must for every sales funnel. This is the page that you send to newly added subscribers. A general format for a Thank You page is:

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your subscribing to my email list.

I hope you will learn a lot from being in my list.


I am personally on several email lists. In 99% of the cases, I receive similar kind of thank you emails. This is, however, not an optimized email.

To optimize a Thank You email, you can add a freebie to it. You can send your subscribers to your social media accounts so that they can follow you there. Selling at this stage is however not a good idea at all.

I personally send links to my Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus pages and request subscribers to like/follow them to keep updated. You will see a very high conversion rate because those who have subscribed to your list are definitely interested in your site and/or your business, therefore they will most likely follow your social media accounts.

Follow Up Emails

Once a subscriber is on your list, you start sending him follow up emails via your autoresonder. A good idea is to send at least one email every week.

Majority of the email marketers put a single link in their follow up emails hoping that people will click on the link and objective will be achieved. Fine, but what if open rate is great but CTR is very low?

Most of the people will not click on the link, what strategy you have in place to cope with this situation?

Here is the solution.

If you are sending emails with a single link or multiple links to a single offer, your funnel is not optimized.

Always make sure that you have between 2 to 3 different offers in the email. This is up to you whether you choose related offers or unrelated offers. For me, both work great.

When you send link to a single offer, there are fair chances that a few subscribers already have that product because your subscribers are not only on your list, and you are not the only person promoting any given product. So it makes a lot of sense.

For instance, if you are promoting a weight loss supplement, you don’t know whether people in your list have already purchased it, or they have been offered the same product by other email marketers or they somehow know about the product but aren’t interested. What new you are offering them in your email? Nothing at all!

Here is how to optimize the same email.

  • Offer two products in the same email. Compare them or share their features and leave the choice on subscribers.
  • Offer complimentary products. This is what I do a lot. For instance, you can promote a tablet and a tablet sleeve in the same email. Those who own a tablet already, they might opt for the sleeve.

Of course there are several other ways to optimize your follow up emails but for now, you should stick to these two methods, the avenues are unlimited.

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