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5 Critical Mistakes That Eat Your Affiliate Commissions

How to Double Your Affiliate Commissions Without Promoting New Products

Everyone make mistakes and some mistakes can affect your career. Today, we will be talking about mistakes that affect your affiliate commissions.

At first, when you step in affiliate marketing, you feel crazy and excited about making money. You struggle and exert force in every possible direction doing everything you can – without having any idea that what mistakes you are making and what effect will they have on your success.

Let’s talk about the mistakes that nearly every affiliate marketer make and these affiliate marketing mistakes are the reason why you are not earning much in affiliate commissions.

Selling Affiliate Products

First thing first, what is really important here is to understand what does affiliate marketing really means and what purpose it has. Being an affiliate marketer, your job is not to sell products but your job is to inform and deliver value.

You need to develop a relationship with your target audience – a relationship of trust. You don’t have to recommend and sell every single product.

Overloading Yourself

Never join too many affiliate programs which you cannot handle. Yes, availing every source of income is a good thing but having a bad reputation, when it comes to deliver work on time, isn’t going to help you much with your affiliate marketing.

There comes a time when you have several affiliate products in your portfolio that it becomes quite difficult to manage.

Not Testing Properly

Before you recommend any affiliate product, make sure that it is worth recommending.

It is a good idea to purchase the product, test it and then recommend it (if it is worth recommending).

You can ask for review copies from product owners. Most of the product authors happily give away review copies.

Not Tracking

When you earn affiliate commission and you don’t have any idea which product you sold, how you sold it, who was the buyer, how he landed on your website or link – you will find yourself in deep trouble.

Keep track of sales you are making because it can help you understand which products are worth promoting, which ones are converting and which ones should be dropped.

Earning affiliate commissions is a good thing but knowing from where and how you made those commissions make you a better affiliate marketer.

Getting Distracted

Stop yourself from getting distracted to new offers.

Pay attention to the product you have in your hands. Having a single profitable campaign completed has a lot more worth than fifty unfinished campaigns.

Affiliate marketing mistakes will affect your rate of success because affiliate marketing is a business just like any other business. It requires concentration and self-motivation. Once you get to know how to stop making these mistakes you will start making good affiliate commissions, your overall productivity will increase, you will be able to grow your business and make profit from it for lifetime.

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