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Reverse Funnel Multiplier Review

Reverse Funnel Multiplier is a short code that you need to place in your squeeze page, sales page and other marketing pages for a huge increase in leads. According to the author Chris Moran, this tiny code has the potential to increase your optins and conversions up to 300% to 400%. Now this seems something too good to be true. Here is a complete in-depth Reverse Funnel Multiplier review so that you know whether it really works as claimed.

Reverse Funnel Multiplier Review

Reverse Funnel Multiplier is a code (script) that needs to be copy pasted in your sales page, squeeze page, thank you page and on all other pages of the sales funnel. It is not an exit popup script rather Reverse Funnel Multiplier adds multiple funnels to the original sales funnel. You can use your own products or affiliate products in the funnel. So the idea is, visitors should move through multiple funnels which will increase the probability of optins and conversions.

reverse funnel multiplier review


  • Easy to implement. You just have to copy-paste the code into your sales funnel.
  • Works with all types of marketing pages irrespective where they are created.
  • Script cannot be blocked.
  • Absolutely legal.
  • Works with all types of funnels.
  • You can add any offers in your multiple funnel.

The Right Way to Use Reverse Funnel Multiplier

Technically and logically, it is a great piece of code that can do wonders. The idea is simple yet very effective and the test run of the code showed up to 400% increase in conversions.

There are, however, a few things that you should do to get most from Reverse Funnel Multiplier. You just cannot copy and paste the code in your sales funnel and expect for a magic.

  • Always use related or similar products (offers) in your reverse funnel. Unrelated offers will not convert well.
  • There are fair chances that you don’t own so many products to add into your reverse funnel so it is strongly reverse funnel multiplier reviewrecommended to include related affiliate products.

Who Is It For

The good news is that Reverse Funnel Multiplier is for everyone who has a sales funnel and is already sending traffic to his/her sales funnel. It is a perfect product for product authors, affiliates, businesses, internet marketers, newbies and everyone else.


  • Extremely useful piece of code that can do wonders.
  • Very easy-to-use.
  • Works with all platforms.
  • Onetime charges.
  • Backed by complete 60 days money back guarantee.


  • Too many funnels (even related) can irritate visitors which is not good for any marketer in the long-run.


Reverse Funnel Multiplier is an extremely powerful and useful script that is a must for you if you already have a sales funnel and you are sending heaps of traffic to it. Why not try it out and see how it works? It is just about adding a few additional funnels with an intention to provide your visitors with more options. Though you might not get as high as 400% conversion rate but even if it is 5% increase, it is still great – I mean who doesn’t like an increase in 5% conversion rate by just pasting a tiny code in the sales funnel?

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