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Blast 4 Traffic Review

Blast 4 Traffic, as the name shows, is a safe mail service. You can send your email (advertisement) to more than 70 million targeted people every single month. Well, it looks like a very good deal to increase your sales and opt-in rate but the question is will it bring in any sales, traffic or leads? Let’s find all about the service and its quality in Blast 4 Traffic review.

Blast 4 Traffic Review

Blast 4 Traffic is a safe mail service where your email message or ad will be sent to 2.3 million people daily. Theblast 4 traffic reviewpeople who are on the email list have opted to receive promotional emails so that isn’t an issue (legally). The email list will not be revealed so you will never know the actual email addresses of the people. However you can track everything.


  • Onetime payment. No monthly cost.
  • The system is easy-to-use.
  • Video tutorials.
  • You can send colored emails.
  • Ad tracking is available.
  • Real-time tracking.
  • Targeted traffic.

How Does It Work

Let’s look a bit deeper into Blast 4 Traffic system. As soon as you sign up with Blast 4 Traffic, you can setup your first email campaign. You have the option to create your email ad from scratch or you can choose from available ad templates.

Your email will then be sent to recipients. Now this isn’t your responsibility to ensure your email lands in the inbox and not into the spam folder because this is what’s controlled by Blast 4 Traffic. You just have to setup your campaign and rest is taken care of by Blast 4 Traffic.

It is a one-click email service.


  • There are no recurring charges which makes Blast 4 Traffic a very cheap service.
  • The system is extremely simple and easy.
  • You get access to a lot of bonuses when you register.
  • Blast 4 Traffic has a really huge list (70 million) which is good.
  • Real-time tracking of emails is a very great option.

blast 4 traffic review


  • The traffic might not be very targeted. In most of the cases, your email ad is blasted to the entire list.
  • This type of traffic works well with certain niches. Now this is up to you to find the most profitable niche.
  • The list will soon get saturated.

Should You Use Blast 4 Traffic?

A lot of people use safe mail services. I am not a big fan of safe mail services but whenever I use safe email service like Blast 4 Traffic, I only use it for list building – and that’s it.

Therefore I will recommend the same. Do not try to sell something via Blast 4 Traffic, you will fail badly. Rather what you should do is send them a free report or an ebook and try to get as many email addresses as you can. Once you have your list, then you should try to sell them.

Remember, selling is a bad idea.

Secondly, the traffic at Blast 4 Traffic will not convert well for all niches. I personally think that it works well for IM niche (this is what worked for me during my short testing phase). You need to try and explore the complete list yourself.

Blast 4 Traffic Review Conclusion

In my opinion, Blast 4 Traffic is not a bad service especially when these guys aren’t asking for any monthly fee. You just have to pay them once, and use their service for the rest of your life. Again, remember instead of selling try to build your own email list from Blast 4 Traffic. List building is a much better option.

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