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Mail Minion Review

Mail Minion is an email marketing service where you can send unlimited emails to your subscribers from any device. Mail Minion is built by affiliates for affiliates. How effective this email marketing service is? Let’s find out all in my honest Mail Minion review.

About the Product

Mail Minion is a pretty easy and amazingly affordable email marketing service. Probably the best thing about Mail Minion is that it is an email marketing service that is made by affiliates so it has everything that a potential ‘affiliate’ may need while setting up his/her email marketing campaigns. The service is pretty much easy-to-use and there is nothing that you have to learn to use it.

 Mail Minion Features

Below are a few major features of Mail Minion.

  1. There are 5 different plans from which you can choose one to start with. Plus you can also have a customized plan on your request. In all the plans, you can send unlimited emails throughout the month – and I believe this is a real ‘plus’ of using Mail Minion.
  2. You can try Mail Minion for just $1 for whole one month with up to 1000 subscribers and you can send unlimited emails to them.
  3. If you don’t like the service or want to cancel, you can cancel it anytime. No questions asked.
  4. You can import your lists from anywhere and in any format.
  5. Live reporting will make things easy for you. Tracking and reporting is indeed very powerful.
  6. The best thing about Mail Minion is that you can use it on any device be it a PC, mobile, tablet or laptop. So now you can stay connected to your audience 24/7 like anything.
  7. You can easily integrate web forms, Facebook, Twitter and several other third party platforms including Google analytics.
  8. Last but not the least, you will have access to very fast and responsive customer support.


As mentioned, you can try Mail Minion for $1 for entire month. With this plan, you can maintain a list of 1000 subscribers and send unlimited emails. With any plan you choose, you can send unlimited emails with no restrictions at all.

The Basic plan is the smallest plan that is priced at $24/month with 2500 to 5000 subscribers and then it moves up to Platinum plan which is priced at $299/month with 50001 to 75000 subscribers.

Additionally you can request for a custom plan anytime!

The Cons

For small businesses and new affiliates, there is no attraction in Mail Minion. When comparing Mail Minion to MailChimp, the better and FREE option for new affiliates is MailChimp because there you don’t have to pay anything for 2000 subscribers but you can only send 12000 emails a month. For new affiliates, why they would pay for a service which they are getting for free? (As long as they don’t need to send unlimited emails).

The Pros

  1. It comes with a trial so you can see how it works for just $1.
  2. You can send unlimited emails to your subscribers irrespective of your plan.
  3. You can integrate numerous third party programs including Google analytics, Facebook, Twitter and many others.
  4. You can create and send emails from any device be it a smart phone, laptop or tablet.
  5. Mail Minion has live reporting feature which lets you monitor your campaigns in real-time.


Mail Minion is a really powerful email marketing service that is best for small businesses and affiliates. You can now stay connected with your subscribers all the time with Mail Minion. The best thing is you can try it for $1. See it for yourself whether it is the right email marketing service for you or not.

Try Mail Minion for $1 for the first month

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