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Whenever you purchase any product from my blog, I will send you a whole lot of FREE bonuses. These aren’t just ordinary bonuses instead these are high value bonuses that you will love.

How to Get Your Bonuses

Getting your bonuses is very easy. Follow these steps to get them NOW.

  • Clear your browser’s cookies.
  • Purchase any product from my blog. These FREE bonuses apply to all the products and reviews available on the blog.
  • Send transaction ID at bonuses [at] eddreviews.com
  • Your bonuses will be delivered within 24 hours.

free bonuses

This is all what you have to do.

Now let’s talk a bit about bonuses. The list below is just a condensed list of bonuses. I keep on adding new products in the bonus pack on regular intervals therefore you will receive a lot of bonuses including numerous secret and surprise products too that aren’t included in the list below.

You will be able to download these products, and you can use them in any way you like. I have complete rights to giveaway all these products as bonuses so whatever I am sending you as a free bonus, I am allowed to do so.

All the products and services included in the bonus pack are related to internet marketing including WordPress plugins, affiliate marketing courses, training courses, video courses, ebooks, graphic packs, templates and much more. You will always receive numerous surprise products that will surely surprise you in the true sense. These products aren’t conventional PDFs rather you will get valuable products that you can use, make money from and will love them.

Anything that’s generic is not included in the bonus pack –rest assure, you will get the best of the best stuff for FREE.

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