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Commission Robotics Review

Commission Robotics is a content generation and backlink building software or I must say a robot that promises to drive tons of traffic to your site. Web traffic is the hardest thing to do and Commission Robotics promises to generate lots of traffic for your site.

Let’s see how it works and how effective this piece of software is, all in my honest Commission Robotics review.

Commission Robotics Overview

Commission Robotics is a software program that does quite a few things for you. First, it creates unique content based on your keywords. You just have to enter the keyword and the URL, click submit and there you go, you now have unique content generated with your keywords and URLs.

In the second step, content will be converted to videos and these videos will be submitted to several streaming sites – all on autopilot.

In the third step, the content created will be converted to PDFs and it will be distributed all over the internet.

And in the final step, all the content and videos will be bookmarked and will be shared on different social networks for social signals.

All of your distributed content has your keywords and URLs embedded in them. You don’t have to do anything instead you just have to enter the keyword and the URL, that’s all.

Does It Work

To be honest, Commission Robotics works but it is not just about whether it works or not, it’s of course more than that.

The stuff that Commission Robotics does for you is not new. I mean creating unique content from scratch is not a big deal and it’s possible, then submitting optimized videos is possible too and so on. So Commission Robotics will surely generate lots of backlinks for you and it might end up bringing a lot of traffic to your site but……………………

These kinds of software never come without risks. You have to be very cautious while using Commission Robotics. An aggressive use of Commission Robotics can get your site penalized. Additionally, since it is a software program so you cannot expect a lot of high quality backlinks from a software, right?


  1. The backlinks generated are not of really high quality.
  2. It can be risky to use Commission Robotics.
  3. You don’t know how many of the created backlinks are actually indexed.


  1. It’s very cheap. Plus you get 60 days money back guarantee on your purchase which means you can see if it works for you or not.
  2. The video creation and distribution is the best thing this software does for you. It is really helpful.
  3. It creates unique content.
  4. Best for beginners and for those who have multiple sites to promote. It is a set and forget tool.
  5. No manual work needed.


Commission Robotics is a nice piece of software that is helpful in automating the marketing and linkbuilding tasks for you. You can promote as many sites with this robot. All you have to do is enter the keyword and URL, even your affiliate links and sit back. My only advice is to use it wisely and carefully. Use it when you are sure what you are doing.

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