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Earnest Affiliate Review: Ethical and Honest Way to Make Money

Earning money online is not easy. For majority of the people, making money online is still a dream. Those who want to make money from the internet, they keep on trying different courses and money making methods but they just don’t get a clue. The thing is, to earn money you have to follow a proven system that really works – not just any random course from an unknown guy.

Earnest Affiliate is a step-by-step money making course that’s authored by Johnny FD who has been earning money online successfully for years. This course is all about making money online ethically and honestly.

Earnest Affiliate Review

Earnest Affiliate is an affiliate training course that shows you a clear path to success. You can start your own niche business on the internet and can earn massive commission by selling affiliate products. It is a step-by-step training course that has everything that you need to know to succeed online. It has 8 information packed modules with three killer bonuses. The ultimate goal of the course is to enable you to earn $200 to $8000 every month in affiliate commission.earnest affiliate review

Earnest Affiliate Modules

The course has been divided into 8 video modules (PDF included). The details of the modules is stated below:

  1. The first module is an introductory module that gives you an overview of the course and tells you why it is important to become an affiliate marketer.
  2. In the second module, you get straight to work by choosing your niche.
  3. Then you will learn how to get approval from affiliate networks so that you can select products to promote.
  4. Fourth module is related to website creation (you get free hosting).
  5. After you have created your own website, you will then create content by using templates and resources available in the member’s area.
  6. Sixth module is most important because here you will learn methods to drive free traffic to your newly created website.
  7. Module 7 is related to case studies where author will show you real personal case studies.
  8. Finally you will learn how you can automate entire affiliate business.

There are 3 killer bonuses that you get with your purchase:

  • Personal support from the author
  • Lifetime membership
  • Access to private forum where you can get a lot of information and help


  • Earnest Affiliate is an easy-to-follow course that anyone can follow and make money from.
  • It has videos that take you from every step that you have to do.
  • It is a course with practical implication – not just a theory.
  • Very detailed and in-depth training.
  • Free traffic methods are just awesome.
  • You get access to a lot of case studies.
  • Access to private forum.
  • Personal support from the author.
  • Lifetime access to the entire training course.
  • It has templates that make things easy for the students.
  • No technical skills or knowledge needed.

earnest affiliate review


  • A very detailed course with instructions that can be practically implicated.
  • Most of the courses on affiliate marketing do not focus much on traffic generation. Earnest Affiliate is great in the sense that it discusses a lot of free traffic generation methods.
  • A complete step-by-step video training course.
  • Private support from the author and access to forum are very valuable bonuses that you get with your purchase.
  • Techniques, methods and strategies discussed in the course are practically applicable and you can see the results in case studies.


  • The money making method is not innovative. You will find a lot of similar affiliate marketing courses in the market.
  • A bit pricey.


Earnest Affiliate is a decent money making course because it shows you the ethical and honest way to make money with affiliate marketing. While most of the affiliates don’t even think of honesty while promoting affiliate products. What this course teaches you is to promote products honestly and ethically. You should keep your readers in mind while promoting products and not just the money that’s coming in. If you want to win hearts while making money, you need to grab this course.

It is for everyone and since it is very simple and easy-to-follow, you will never have to face any issues. The things that you learn in this course aren’t new but the twist is definitely new and worth trying.

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