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5 Figure Day Review

If it is your dream to build a huge email list of potential buyers, you are probably a click away from achieving your dream. Now you can build your email list on complete autopilot with the help of 5 Figure Day. It is a software that lets you build an email list automatically.

Here is my complete 5 Figure Day review.

5 Figure Day Review

5 Figure Day is authored by Bryan Winters. More about the author in the next section.

OK, the software is good. You can build your list quite easily because when you sign up for 5 Figure Day, you get all the tools and training related to email marketing, PPC and SEO. You will get traffic generation training.

You get a free website as soon as you sign up but you have to buy the hosting plan. This website will be used to build your email list with the help of software. Every person that buys the 5 Figure Day via your site, you get the commission and you get the email address too. And this continues.

When someone who purchased 5 Figure Day from your affiliate link builds the list via his/her website, you also get the emails in your list.

So you have the list and it keeps on building and building, and you can use it for any purpose. Send them emails with your affiliate links and earn money.

The actual money comes from the list.

About the Author

Bryan Winters is an internet marketer. He left his job, started working online and got succeeded. Now he has several online businesses and he also helps other internet marketers with respect to their marketing ventures.

Does It Work

5 Figure Day is an email marketing sort of software that will build list for you. The worst part of the story is that the email list is shared.

For instance, you signed up for 5 Figure Day, setup your website and a “guy A” purchased 5 Figure Day or any other affiliate product via your site, you got his email address. This “guy A” started promoting 5 Figure Day and he started building his list. His list will be shared with you and all the persons in his list will eventually build lists for themselves as well as for you.

Ethically, it shouldn’t be this way. But the software is programmed to do it and this is what it is selling. If you don’t get the list, you will not going to use the software, right?

At the end of the day, Bryan Winters will have the main email list of all the people using 5 Figure Day.

Second, it is quite obvious that a lot of people will unsubscribe from the list as no one likes to be scammed.

Third, 5 Figure Day isn’t for beginners. Most of the newbies don’t know about email lists, auto-responders, they don’t know how to use email lists, they don’t know how to use Aweber or MailChimp and so on.

5 Figure Day will work only for internet marketers, bloggers and those trying to build lists. The right way to use 5 Figure Day is to sign up, build your list, take your list and get out of the system.

Do not get excited with the affiliate sales because your affiliate products will be sent to the main list and this will bring in sales but it might not last long.


  • The email lists are shared and there are fair chances of people being scammed – scammed badly.
  • 5 Figure Day has monthly fee. And I have to say that it is expensive.
  • People will unsubscribe from the lists at a much fast pace (I can see that happening already with a few users).
  • Not good for beginners.


  • 5 Figure Day comes with a trial priced at $1 which is just great.
  • It has full 60 days money back guarantee.
  • The software really works and it has the potential to build lists extremely quickly.
  • You can make money quite easily and quickly as your affiliate links will be emailed to the list.
  • A great tool for internet marketers.
  • The traffic generation video tutorials are awesome. They are very helpful.

5 Figure Day Review Conclusion

If you are not an internet marketer and don’t know how to use email lists, 5 Figure Day isn’t for you. It is good for internet marketers as long as you know how to use it rightly. If you have tried every single possible method to build your email list, you should try it and I am sure you will build your list from this software. It is also great for those who want to make money quickly because it can help you make money quickly.

It depends how you use 5 Figure Day. If used rightly, you can make money and build your list without scamming your list. 5 Figure Day is not a really encouraging software but if you know how to use it, you should try to build your list from it.

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