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Safe Mail Services Review

Safe Mail Services is an email marketing system that uses emails as a channel for advertisements. The product is designed especially for small online businesses to help them with their marketing campaign or more precisely email marketing campaigns. Find more in Safe Mail Services review.

Safe Mail Services Review

safe mail services review

For people who aren’t familiar with this product or email marketing systems, these services are designed to give a helping hand in marketing your business.

Now there are countless ways to market your business but Safe Mail Services, as their name implies, uses emails for marketing.

The main purpose of Safe Mail Services is to run your marketing campaign by safe process of email delivery to millions of people that are subscribed to their list and have chosen to receive emails and ads.

How Safe Mail Services Work

Upon signing up with Safe Mail Services you will have to compile your email message for advertising purposes and they will accomplish their goal of marketing by sending your ads to a list of verified prospects.

However the numbers of emails with your ad attached are limited to 3 million per day which can be increased by paying a few more bucks.

The list of people that will receive your email will be completely anonymous and Safe Mail Services will use their own web based servers for email delivery.

So in short, you will hire an advertising manager who uses email delivery system for this purpose and will use their own servers and list of recipients to promote your business.

Complete List of Features

Here is a complete list of features that will be offered to you upon signing with Safe Mail Services.safe mail services review

  • Ads exposed to 3.1 million prospects per day.
  • An easy-to-use system (no need of technical knowledge).
  • Customization of ads.
  • Pictures, sounds, flash and many other things can be included in the ads.
  • Availability of space (for saving ads).
  • 100% spam-free (guarantied).
  • No chance of multiple ads in one email meaning only your ad will be sent.
  • Guaranteed anti-email bouncing.


  • Huge audience for marketing.
  • Customization of ads will make it easier for you to attract customers.
  • Saving space for ads will make sure that you don’t have to edit your ad every day.
  • A quick advertising technique if you need to promote your business in a week or two.
  • Low price.
  • Only onetime payment.
  • No need to have your own email list


  • You can only send one email per day. This somehow restricts your marketing strategy however you can pay extra money to increase the limits of emails that you can send per day.
  • The HTML editor isn’t compatible with Google Chrome which makes it hard for you to use their services properly.
  • Company doesn’t unmask the source of their leads.
  • You will not have any assurance that whether or not your ads are being received or seen by the people.
  • Lack of tracking.

Safe Mail Services Review Conclusion

Overall Safe Mail Services is a good service that provides a quick way to promote your business on small scale. The low price of this product makes worth a shot. It is a cheap and effective email marketing system that is best for sending your email message with the ad to millions of people every day.

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