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Unsafe Link Building Methods

If you have been building links just like you used to do a few years back, you are at high risk. There are several link building methods that are not considered to be safe now. I know a lot of fellow bloggers, internet marketers and SEO experts that use all those outdated and scam link building methods that don’t work anymore. Using these link building methods is a big mistake, your site will be flagged sooner or later.

What Are These Link Building Methods?

OK, here is a list of link building methods that you should not (in any case) use now.

Private Blog Networks

Paid private blog networks are very risky. If you have your own blog network that’s OK to use but that is risky too. I have stopped using private blog networks for link building way back when Google penalized build my rank. Paid private blog networks are not recommended at all. These blog networks can be detected easily and any search engine can hit these networks and the sites that get links from them.

Forum Links

Links that you get from forum posts, forum profiles, signatures and comments are not of any value. These are supposed to be spam links and are not good for your website. Yes, if you are posting a link within a unique and quality post that you have published on a high PR forum that makes sense. But all other links especially profile links are no good.

Blog Comments

The poorest links are the ones that you get from blog comments. We have to admit that 90% of these blog comment links come from non-relevant blogs which is of no use. A relevant link is what matters the most.

Link Exchange

Do I have to tell you that you should stop exchanging links with other webmasters? Such links are flagged almost instantly by search engines. It is one of the poorest link building methods I know of.

Article Submission

Article submission to article directories is not going to work for you now. It used to work in the past but now it doesn’t. Submitting the same or unreadable articles on hundreds of sites is totally useless for your site. It will not give you any quality backlink nor it will send any direct traffic, so why use it?

Automatic Link Building Tools

No matter how good a link building tool is, don’t ever use it. At the end of the day, all such tools are not good. Think of it like this, a few thousand sites getting links from a certain group of sites (that’s included in the link building tool). Isn’t it suspicious?

Besides, stay away from all such link building methods where your links are not accompanied by quality fresh content. There are a lot of other spam link building methods as well but these were the most famous ones and to my surprise, most of the people still use them like crazy. Stop now or you will repent very soon.

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