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How to Get Your First Check from ClickBank in 30 Days

ClickBank is one of the most famous affiliate networks around. With thousands of affiliate products and services, ClickBank has everything what an affiliate needs.

Getting your first check from ClickBank is dream of most of the new affiliates. If you know how to choose the right affiliate product and how to promote it to the right audience, you can get your first check from ClickBank almost effortlessly.

The Right Affiliate Productfirst check from clickbank

It all starts from choosing the right affiliate product. Once you have signed up with ClickBank, you will see a huge list of categories and then subcategories. What you have to do is choose the right affiliate product. A right affiliate product has following characteristics:

  • It interests you personally.
  • It is made by (authored by) a well-known entity.
  • The product itself is famous and known.
  • The product does what it claims.
  • The product MUST fulfill a need. It shouldn’t be a luxury product.
  • It must be a legit product.
  • Promoting and marketing the product must be allowed almost everywhere on the internet.


Once you have chosen an affiliate product, it is now time to get your affiliate link. Save it in a word file so that you can easily copy it for use. Now is the time to promote your affiliate product.

You must use all free internet marketing techniques. You don’t have to spend a penny from your pocket. Here are a few easy techniques to promote your affiliate product to get your first check from ClickBank.

  • Create a free website on Weebly about the affiliate product. Add banners and your affiliate link on the site. You have to create a tiny website with no more than 5 pages.
  • Join a few top forums in the niche. Register and start commenting and posting VALUABLE content there. After a few quality posts and spending a few days on the forum, you will be allowed to add links in your signature. Add your website link in the signature with a catchy caption.
  • Create 3 to 4 Squidoo lenses per week and direct traffic to your site.
  • Write 5 articles no more than 500 words a week and add the link of your Weebly site in the author bio. Submit these articles on articles directories specifically Ezinearticles. This will drive traffic to your site which will lead them to the affiliate product page.
  • Write and publish high quality articles on hubpages and other sites (if you have great writing skills).
  • Make a few videos about the product and publish them on YouTube with your affiliate and site link.
  • Use Facebook, Twitter and other social sites to drive traffic to your site, videos and directly to the affiliate product page.

Your First Check from ClickBank

Stick to this marketing plan for 30 days. You will get your first check from ClickBank after 30 days. This is sure to work for you because this strategy works 94% flawlessly.

If it isn’t working for you, let me know and I’ll get in touch with you.

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