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10 Affiliate Marketing Tips for Dummies

Affiliate marketing isn’t easy for one particular reason, there are so many internet marketers doing affiliate marketing that it gets really hard for newbie to make their first sales.

Being a beginner, what you have to do to make money from affiliate marketing? Here are the best 10 affiliate marketing tips for dummies that are sure to help you succeed.

Affiliate Marketing Tips for Dummies: Planning

Sit down and plan. Do not just do affiliate marketing because you have to do something. If you will do so, you will fail – you will fail badly. Plan, plan and plan before you do anything with affiliate marketing. Plan for next 3 to 6 months and see where you stand after 6 months if you start affiliate marketing today.

Your Aptitude Matters

Not all the people can do marketing. Same is true for affiliate marketing. If it doesn’t attract you, if it doesn’t drive you, if it isn’t your passion, if it isn’t the ‘thing’ for you, DO NOT go for affiliate marketing.

Make sure that you have the skills (basic only – at least), aptitude, interest and passion for affiliate marketing – if not, stay away because it isn’t any good for you.

How You Do It

How you plan to do it? Will you promote affiliate products/services via blog, videos, PPC, article marketing, article syndication, social media, forums, guest posting or via any other method. This is something that you have to decide NOW!

Affiliate Marketing Tips for Dummies: Choose the Right Affiliate Products

The affiliate products that you have in your portfolio make a lot of difference as to how successful you will be. Always go for affiliate products that are famous but have medium-to-low competition. Avoid products that are too famous.

The Author of the Affiliate Product

The author or the manufacturer of the affiliate product/service must be pretty much well-known. This will make the ‘convincing’ and ‘selling’ part very easy.

Affiliate Marketing Tips for Dummies: The Right Affiliate Network

Choose the affiliate network that is well-known. It, of course, depends on the type of products that you want to promote and your niche.

Don’t Spend On Marketing

Do not spend money from your own pocket on marketing ANY affiliate product for at least a month. You will know when is the right time to spend money on marketing someone else’s product.

Affiliate Marketing Tips for Dummies: Find Your Audience

This is the hardest part. You just cannot place your affiliate product in front of random people rather you have to locate your audience. What type of people will actually ‘buy’ or ‘need’ the product you are trying to sell?

Intercept Your Audience

Once found, intercept your target audience. This is again not easy. By intercept, I mean show them your product (of course with your affiliate link). Try convincing them. Intercept them by showing them your ad, video, post, message etc.

Affiliate Marketing Tips for Dummies: Email Marketing

You cannot do effective affiliate marketing without email marketing. You have to get the email address of your target audience. This can be done via a squeeze page.

This is however, not recommended to newbie. I recommend thinking of email marketing once you have earned at least $100 off affiliate commission.

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