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Private Blog Networks: Are They Any Good

Private blog networks play a very significant role in SEO. A private blog network is a network of blogs that is owned privately and used primarily for the purpose of getting backlinks. Of course the main idea is always to get better search engine rankings.

Private blog networks have worked great in the past. But today, when Google and other search engines are taking everything very seriously about SEO, it might not work for you. I know a lot of SEO experts who had their own private blog networks that were badly hit by Google. One day they had everything under control, they had their sites right at the first spot. Second day, they had nothing in their hands, not the blogs, the private blog networks and their money sites.

So when you are thinking of creating a private blog network, you have to be very careful. You need to follow all the precautionary measures. But no matter what, I still don’t prefer owning a private blog network.

private blog networks

Its 2014, spending money on building a private blog network is nothing more than wasting your money – trust me.


No matter how carefully you build your network and how cautiously you build links, at the end of the day, you are always at risk. Even if you will be enjoying that 1st place in Google, you will always have that feeling of ‘fear’. It is a fact. There is no surety. The risk is pretty high. Google or any other search engine can take you down any moment and it will be the last day of your domains, blogs and your private blog network.

So what’s the point in spending money on something that isn’t capable of making money for you in the long-run without any surety? When you have to invest your money on something, being a wise business entity, you should choose to spend money on something that carries least risk and has high ROI. From the basic rules of business, private blog networks are nothing but a gamble. Even if it works, it will not work for too long.

I’d suggest, based on my personal experience and what I have learnt, a private blog network is not something that deserves any attention. It is an old story and I always say that private blog network era ended with buildmyrank (BMR). Remember, a few years back Google took down a very famous private blog network BMR. That was the time when private blog network era came to an end.

Today, you need to choose other legit and white hat SEO methods. There are many SEO techniques that carry minimum to no risk. Why not invest your marketing budget in something more reliable?

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