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How Working Online Impact Your Life

Working online is one of the most popular job people aim for nowadays. The latest technology allows us to access the internet at the same time and browse stuff at the same place. As too many individuals choose to work at their own home because for them, it’s a lot easier to move, there are less adjustments needed and there’s no need to wake up and prepare themselves for a challenging journey outdoor. It is indeed true that working online could make a big impact to one’s lifestyle as many things and routine will change.

There are a lot of ways to earn money online such as blogging, freelancing, editing and proofreading articles, transcribing, photoshopping, video blogging, making advertisements for companies, and selling stuff using the well-known social networking sites. Our generation is very blessed because unlike our ancestors, we can work while slouching or lying comfortably in our beds. We don’t need to experience the traffic, boring and pressuring office environment, pollution and miscellaneous expenses. Given the fact that the internet is just like another universe to anyone, we all made use of it wisely.

Listed below are the pros and cons of working online. I tried my best to be fair and expressed everything whole-heartedly. I don’t mean to encourage or discourage anyone as working online is based on whatever an individual prefers.

Pros of Working Online

  1. You don’t need to spend too much money on transportation and food allowances

Working online gives you a chance to save more money because you don’t need to add transportation and food into your budget. If you work outside the house, you are obliged to pay for gas or public utility vehicle fees and eat at the canteen or a fast food chain so you won’t end up starving.

  1. All you need is a computer or laptop and a stable internet connection

Working online needs a computer or laptop and of course, a stable internet connection. However, it also needs a positive mind-set and a driven individual.

  1. You get to see your family 24/7

Working online lets you see your family all the time unlike those who work in the office or overseas. You won’t miss the latest news and achievements of your parents and kids.

  1. You are the boss

Working online through blogging or selling products means you have no boss. If you’re working for other people, there is still less pressure because you don’t see them yelling at you for a job not well done. You can edit things easily because the place you’re at is your home.

  1. You don’t need to prepare yourself and worry about tomorrow’s traffic

Working online only needs your presence and skill. It doesn’t require you to dress casual, semi-formal or formal. The only thing it squeezes from you is your brain and your fingers (haha!). But seriously, you need not to worry about waking up early and do your daily routines like what other people do. Traffic jam is one of the worst things that could happen to anyone and being late for work is one of the nastiest mistakes an employee could make.

  1. You can do what you love to do

Working online lets you express yourself and be embraced by the online and social media society. If you love to write or take pictures, you can post it online and see the blog traffic you get. Attract readers by being consistent and determined but never go for fake posts.

Cons of Working Online

  1. You always have to be ready or else you’re fired

Working online requires alertness and energy. You may not be tired from the bumper to bumper action outside yet you are physically tired typing, reading and editing things. You are also psychologically weary because imagine how much information your brain just absorbed? Being too bombarded with information could kill your brain cells.

  1. You have no excuses

Working online doesn’t have excuse letters for being late and sick. If you aren’t early or sick, you miss a lot of things… and a lot of cash. If you’re not feeling it, you cannot ask your boss for leave, especially if you’re writing for a daily blog or newspaper and such.

  1. You have less time for fun and hanging out

Working online allows you to access the social media but not the physical society itself. You have to spend a lot of your time working and kissing the computer. Unlike working outside where you can have drinks with different people as you please. Working online discourages you to have social life outside of the box because you are needed to pass an article or work at a certain deadline.

  1. Deadlines are a must

Working online is stricter than the office. The deadlines are different because most of the time, online jobs need you to pass your work as soon as possible. In an hour, in a day or probably a few minutes after it has been assigned to you. And like what I said in number two, you have no excuses.

At the end of the day, it’s still money that makes the world go around. If you change the way you think about money, your dreams will become goals and that goals will drive you to the top. For most of the people, money is one of the most significant things in the world especially to those who really need it.

The urge of every human being is to have a grand lifestyle puts them on a rush to finish school and work. Dreams will only become goals if you are driven and always keep a positive attitude towards everything. Working online is one of the best and easiest ways to earn money.

Always remember that each penny you earn must be saved and not spent lavishly. If you don’t need it, don’t buy it unless you earn more than you spend. Money is not easy to earn so make sure to keep it and use it cleverly.

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