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SEO Maximus Review

SEO Maximus is a complete SEO tool or I must say a linkbuilding tool. It’s an automated SEO tool that will do all the linkbuilding for you on auto-pilot. You set the campaigns and forget. There is no need to do anything. But it isn’t really important that whether it is an automated tool or a manual tool rather the thing that really matters is does it really improve search engine rankings? Keep reading for in-depth SEO Maximus review.

SEO Maximus Review

SEO Maximus is a link building tool. It comes with a lot of campaigns that you can choose from. All the campaigns seo maximus revieware backed by human readable but automated content (I will talk more on this). The links that you can build with SEO Maximus include:

  • Web 2.0 properties
  • EDU blogs
  • Wiki sites
  • Web 2.0 profiles
  • Social signals
  • Social bookmarks
  • PDF submissions
  • Private blog network

You get tier-1 and tier-2 links in all the campaigns. Tier-2 links are always from wiki sites however tier-1 links are based on your choice.


Here is a list of features that you get when you build backlinks with SEO Maximus.

  • Readable content
  • Anchor text diversification
  • You can spin anchor texts
  • URLs can be spinned
  • No additional costs associated
  • Everything is fully automated where you don’t have to do any work at all
  • Change campaigns whenever you need – no restrictions with that
  • Links are indexed (in most of the campaigns)
  • Price is fairly reasonable
  • Proper reporting
  • Fast, friendly and helpful customer support

How it Works

When you sign up with SEO Maximus, you have to choose a campaign based on number of daily credits you get. If you choose to buy 5 Web 2.0 properties (daily), you will be charged $30 per month for it. You get 30 credits every day. It is not a compulsion that you should only use Web 2.0 properties campaign rather you can choose any campaign that needs 30 credits a day or less. It is recommended to choose a mix of campaigns.

You have to setup your keywords, URLs and then schedule your campaigns. You can choose to build 5 web 2.0 properties on Monday, Tuesday and Friday while 5 private blog post on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Daily credits are not transferable so make sure that you setup your campaigns in such a way that you utilize all of your credits every single day.

You don’t get any credits for Sunday which means your campaigns run 6 days a week.


The content is advertised as human readable. The articles that are published are not of really high quality but they are unique and they carry a picture, which is good.

There are 3 options to choose from when choosing article type:

  • Unique Blend Article
  • net
  • Your own article

Choose the article type that you like. It is suggested to talk to support before you choose any option.

seo maximus review


The price is quite reasonable. It ranges from $20 per month to $100 per month. You always have the option to change the campaigns. Additionally you can use your credits based on your needs. There are no restrictions whatsoever.

Anchor text and URLs

At SEO Maximus, they do everything to save you from penalties. They have their own ‘Google Penguin Friendly Anchor Text Creator’ where you can generate keywords in spin format that will save your site from over-optimizing. It is recommended to use this tool to generate anchor text for your domain and then use the same keywords in your campaigns.

seo maximus review

You can use up to 3 keywords and 3 URLs per article. The URLs as well as the keywords can be used in spin format. So you can add multiple URLs and keywords that will be used randomly which is great for anchor text diversification. Of course, it will keep your site safe.

seo maximus review

Will it improve SERPs?

To be honest, it depends on several factors. There is no guarantee that the search engine ranking will improve. What you need to do is test and tweak and see what works for you. For new sites, you will not see any result for a month or so while for aged domains, you will see results in first month or maybe in 2 weeks time but again it depends.

What I’d suggest is follow all the instructions and do not do any other link building while you are using SEO Maximus.

Is it safe to use SEO Maximus

It is safe as long as you are using anchor text creator tool and you are following all the suggestions. Over-optimizing can be an issue so you need to make sure that you are using multiple keywords and URLs.


  • Your campaigns do not run on Sundays.
  • The domains are repeated very often. For instance, there are a few EDU blogs where your blog posts will be posted and every day, you will see the same domains.
  • Since the articles are generated automatically therefore most of the times you will see incomplete articles with poor link placement and improper structure.
  • For Lite Packages, you will have to arrange for link indexing. All other packages come with indexing service where all the links are indexed but you don’t get any indexing report.


  • SEO Maximus is reasonably priced. While a lot of other link building services are overly priced like Link Emperor and Linkvana, SEO Maximus is fairly cheap.
  • You have the option to diversify anchor texts and URLs.
  • Full reporting.
  • The links are indexed. You don’t have to worry for indexing until and unless you are using a Lite Package.
  • Customer support is really nice and quick.

Suggestions and Recommendations

If you plan to use SEO Maximus, here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

  • Avoid using it on your money site. Although the articles are unique and somewhat readable but I still don’t recommend using it on money site. To be on the safe side, you should use it on tier 2.
  • Inspect your reports on daily basis and see if everything is OK. If you see any issue or incorrect reporting or incorrect link building or anything, contact support and they will fix it for you. In most of the cases, they don’t hesitate to do the campaign again.
  • Use anchor text creator tool to create keywords for your domain. It is a decent small tool which you can use for free.
  • Spare sometime to inspect the content that is published. Randomly choose a link to make sure that it has no issues. Contact support for help.
  • Don’t expect results too early. Wait at least for 2 weeks to see any results.

SEO Maximus Review Conclusion

While I am not a big fan of automated SEO tools and link building software, but SEO Maximus looks a decent tool as long as you know how to use it and when to use it. The only thing I’d say is not to use it on your money site. First test it, tweak it and see how it performs on tier 2. If things look good, then and only then you should use it on your money site.

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