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Automation Hero Review

Automation Hero is a marketing package, I must say, that has the potential to generate leads for you, help you with social media marketing and it can do a lot of things for you. This is however, what the authors say – this is not what I am saying. To know all about the strengths and weaknesses of Automation Hero, here is an honest Automation Hero review for you.

Automation Hero Review

Automation Hero is an all-in-one automation tool that will help you earn more profit. Here is a brief overview of the features and things that Automation Hero can do for you.

  • You can create landing pages with extreme ease with Automation Hero.
  • You can integrate your email marketing service with your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and many others.
  • You can schedule your posts on social media accounts.
  • You can choose templates for landing pages.
  • Schedule emails, follow up emails, posts, tweets and you can choose posts and emails from pre-written texts.


  • You can try it for free. And even when you buy Automation Hero, you get full 60 days money back guarantee.
  • The software is extremely easy-to-use. It is all drag and drop.
  • I have to admit that Automation Hero has a lot of features that you will not going to find elsewhere.
  • Everything is automated. You just have to choose what you like and you are all ready.


  • Unfortunately Automation Hero is not for everyone rather it is only for established businesses.
  • It will just automate your email marketing, follow up emails and social media marketing tasks. You get no additional value with Automation Hero.

Is It Any Good for You

Automation Hero is just an automation tool that will schedule emails for you, follow up emails to your list, schedule posts, tweets and a lot of other stuff. You can also choose from pre-written texts, you can create landing pages and can do a lot of other exciting things with Automation Hero.

My only concern with Automation Hero is that it doesn’t add any value. You have to have followers and a few people subscribed to your social media accounts. The software will just automate the things for you, it will not bring in customers or leads. If you don’t have an email list, you will not find Automation Hero pretty useful.

But yes, for established businesses or even if you have a small email list and you have a few people following you on your social media accounts, Automation Hero can then do a lot for you.

Automation Hero Review Conclusion

All in all, Automation Hero is a nice tool that will automate your email marketing and your social media marketing tasks. It has the potential to automate almost 95% of your social media marketing tasks. If you are using Automation Hero, you don’t need a virtual assistant or a social media manager. And yes, it will let you save a lot of money. But you should know when you have to use Automation Hero.

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