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Content Curation: Good or Bad

Content curation refers to searching, assembling, classifying, editing, commenting and disseminating information from different sources. Content curation has several distinct phases including:

  • Searching the right content from all over the internet about a specific topic.
  • Assembling the searched content and to accumulate it at one place probably in your draft.
  • Classifying the accumulated content into different phases and categories to make it easy-to-understand and read.
  • Once content has been classified, it is then edited, proofread and all the necessary changes are made.
  • Commenting is perhaps the most important phase of the content curation. Commenting refers to the curator’s comments that can be either for or against the content edited.
  • Finally, the content with the comments is disseminated

content curation

Here content refers to everything including articles, videos, audios, info-graphics and every other kind of content that is available over the internet.

Is Content Curation Good For Your Blog?

Yes, it is good. There is no harm associated with content curation. It is legal and it is allowed.

Content when rightly curated is never considered as duplicate by any search engine including Google.

However there are two VERY important points that must be kept in mind while curating content:

  1. Link back to the source. Give credit to the original author.
  2. Write your own comments to make the post unique. It is suggested to add at least 200+ words with the curated content to make it unique.

You should NOT, under any circumstances, use purely curated content on your blog without your personal thoughts or without adding a few paragraphs to it.

content curation

Content Curation Tips: The Right Way to Do It

  • Always link back to the original post. If you will not link back to the original content, it will be considered as duplicate content.
  • Insert a paragraph in the post to make it unique. Suggested word count is 200 words.
  • The better way is to suggest your readers, share your own thoughts about the curated content or you can even summarize it.
  • Avoid using plugins and software for content curation. They are not good at all.
  • The best and the only way to do content curation RIGHTLY is to do it manually.
  • Always link to authority sites. That is, take your content from authority sites or well-known sites and not from poor ones.
  • The content that you are curating must be authentic and reliable.
  • Design the post properly and make it informative for your readers. The curated post must deliver value to the readers. If it isn’t delivering value – then there is no point in curating the content. Your readers will find the original post themselves.
  • The content that you curate must be relevant to what you have written in favor of or against the curated content.

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