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Easy Webinar 4 Review & Bonuses

Easy Webinar 4.0 is one of the most sought after solution for doing live and automated online events. The best part of this software is that owners can setup an online live event and can automate it at the same time. Easy Webinar Suite has revolutionalized webinars and online trainings. Those creating training programs and those who understand the power of webinars can use this software to customize their live trainings as they want.

Easy Webinar 4 Review

Easy Webinar 4 suite is developed by Casey Zeman. Casey is the man who does not need introduction. He is primarily famous for his work in video engagement and webinars.

You can easily Easy Webinar to social media sites to get followers and members who will form the audience of your next webinar. How about having pre-registered audience for your next webinar rather than spending hundreds of hours trying to advertise your sales event to people who don’t even have time to come online to listen? At Easy Webinar, you will get access to pre-registered audience as well.

easy webinar 4 review


Here is what Easy Webinar 4.0 offers you.

  • Awesome ready-to-use templates that will increase conversions to a great extent.
  • Create live events and broadcast them live without any issues.
  • Extremely good for automated as well as live sessions.
  • Everything is included in the Easy Webinar suite ranging from registration page to follow up emails to social sharing to webinar replay.
  • It has live chat option, live call system and you can integrate your email marketing software with it.
  • Comes with lifetime license. No recurring charges at all.
  • Easy optimization with Optimize Press, Wishlist Member Plugin and Amazon S3.
  • Google Hangout integration
  • Mobile ready pages
  • Event cloning
  • One click events let you send emails to your subscribers without sending them to a registration page
  • 3 killer bonuses
  • It is a new way of doing things online. Casey is displaying a new and unique way to tapping into unused resources. Audience will have the option to hear directly from the developers.
  • Easy Webinar has unlimited capacity. There are no restrictions. You can have unlimited attendees and unlimited events.
  • You can conduct live or automated events without affecting quality.
  • Extremely affordable. One-time payment – that too with money back guarantee.
  • A lot of features, probably more than you can handle.
  • You have to reach your target audience yourself. Finding attendees is the hardest part. Although Easy Webinar 4 allows you to invite pre-registered attendees but we are talking about targeted audience.
  • Easy Webinar is not flexible. It needs you to have a working website for it to function hence does not function outside of its designated platform.
My Recommendations

If you have a plan to use Easy Webinar 4, make sure that you have a huge list or you have a fair number of people READY to listen to you. Getting attendees is the hard part (as said earlier). If you have a small blog with limited traffic and you want to arrange a live session, you will find it hard to get people on board.

So before you buy Easy Webinar, make sure that there are people out there who are ready to spend an hour listening to your session.

But that is not an issue.

You can get a lot of attendees. Here are a few tips for you to start right away with your first webinar:

  • Invite and interview a famous personality in your niche. This works great because people will register for your webinar like crazy. In order to invite a famous personality in your webinar session, you should offer him/her with something in return. The best way is to recommend attendees one of their products.
  • Start a joint venture webinar with another business within your niche or from a niche that’s complimentary to your niche.
  • Use PPC ads to advertise your webinar to increase attendees. Facebook ads always work great.
  • Remember, it is a good idea to have an expert on board in the webinar. It is perhaps the best way to come up with a killer webinar.

easy webinar 4 review

Easy Webinar 4 Review Conclusion

Easy Webinar 4 suite is an easy-to-use webinar solution which allows you to create, automate, record and replay any type of events online. It is equally good for new as well as professional internet marketer (follow the tips above). Those who have been trying to find solutions for internet marketing can use this software as a unique way to reach their target audience in a cost-effective way.

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