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Social Fresh Start Review & Bonuses

Social Fresh Start is a training course that teaches you how to plan your social media marketing strategy. It is basically a social media planning course that is all about charting your social media plan and then following that plan so that you know when, where and how to post content on social networks for success.

More about the course in Social Fresh Start review.

social fresh start review

Social Fresh Start Review

Social Fresh Start is created for people who don’t have the time to plan their social marketing and for those who have been into social media marketing for years with no success at all.

It is a 6 module training course that is available in step-by-step videos and PDF (more about modules coming soon). The purpose of this particular training course is to:

  • Assess your current social media marketing strategy and your online assets
  • Review your marketing plan (if any), correct it and rebuild it (if needed)
  • Identify steps for success
  • Build loyal and real audience on social networks

Social Fresh Start is not a generic social media training course that will teach you the basics about social media marketing rather it is all about planning your social marketing strategy for long-term success.


  • Step-by-step training course
  • Course available in multiple formats
  • It teaches you how to setup your social marketing goals and plans so that you know what you have to do
  • Provides you with templates, checklists and a full mind-map which are great tools
  • Training can be accessed from multiple devices (tablet, phone, laptops and others)
  • You get worksheets that are just awesome and will make planning very easy for you
  • Access to Facebook group for extended help and support
  • Access to bonus webinar
  • Top-notch customer support

Social Fresh Start Modules

Main course has 6 modules.

Module 1: Why social media marketing needs planning and why planning is so important for social media success?social fresh start review

Module 2: Use templates to find out your current standing in terms of social media marketing. You will be able to assess your social media strengths and weaknesses in this module. They call it social media health check.

Module 3: This is probably the core of the course where you will learn about CREATE TIME System. It has 10 step-by-step video trainings.

CREATE TIME System refers to Creating, Researching, Evaluation, Audit, Target market, Engagement, Tactics, Integration, Message, Evaluation of your social media marketing plan.

Module 4: In this module you will learn all about building communities (followers) across various social networks.

Module 5: How to easily and effectively build your social content plan. Where to find quality content for sharing on your social networks?

Module 6: Finally you will learn when to post content for best results. How to schedule posts and how to create and schedule weeks of social content in an hour.


  • A perfect training course that teaches your all about social media marketing planning.
  • Course comes in multiple formats including videos, PDF, templates, worksheets, checklist and mind map.
  • Very competitively priced.
  • The course has been designed and authored by two experts Sue Worthington and Dan Worthington. They are really the experts in social media marketing.
  • No fluff. No hype. No generic stuff.
  • It is a complete step-by-step training course where you will assess your business’s current social media health and will then follow a plan for success.
  • Quality customer support is definitely a huge plus.


  • If lack of time is your major issue, that will still remain there because you will have to invest time.

Who Is It For

Well Social Fresh Start is for everyone who is having a social media following or who is trying to build social media emergence.

  • Bloggers
  • Businesses
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Internet marketers
  • SEO firms
  • Social media experts
  • Local businesses

social fresh start review

Social Fresh Start Review Conclusion

Social Fresh Start is really a great training course as it teaches you how to chart a complete social media marketing plan that you can follow for months to come. It doesn’t teach you any of the generic stuff rather Social Fresh Start is all about assessing your social marketing strategies, making them better and building long-term relationship with your customers on these social networks.

In short, it teaches you:

  • How to assess your social media strengths and weaknesses
  • How to chart a social marketing plan with extreme ease
  • How to build huge followers on social media networks
  • How to manage your social accounts
  • How to build relationships via content
  • Where to find content for sharing on social networks
  • What to post on social networks, when to post and where to post
  • How to keep doing this forever

The ultimate end result of Social Fresh Start is nothing else than social media marketing success – no matter where you stand at this point in time because this is one course that will take you from first step to the last.

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social fresh start review

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