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Follower Grabber Review: Towards Better Targeted Twitter Ads

Nine out of ten internet marketers are now running their campaigns on Twitter, which happens to be the most famous and the number one choice of marketers these days.

Facebook and Google AdWords are still in the game but why use them when you can outperform competition completely with Twitter Ads.

Follower Grabber is a software that can help you take your campaigns on Twitter to the next level. We will find out how this software works and how it can help you increase your ROI, conversion and sales.

Follower Grabber Review

It is a web-based software created by Robert Mercado and Christian Bolling. This software lets you collect the unique IDs of followers on Twitter. These user IDs are then used to target the most appropriate and extremely targeted audience.

How Follower Grabber Works

First, let’s see the video below.

Every user on Twitter has a unique ID. Twitter provides advertiser with a feature where they can target audience for their campaigns by uploading follower IDs. Follower Grabber lets you grab IDs of followers of any business or person. Imagine you can now show your ad to the people of your own choice.

For example, if you selling bedding sets. You will enter the keyword bedding sets in the software, you will see a huge list of Twitter accounts with followers and all of them would be interested in bedding sets because they are following bedding sites, businesses and stores.

So you get a complete list of followers that you can advertise to.

Follower Grabber is a really powerful software – it just depends on you how you use it.

follower grabber review

Follower Mastery

When you purchase Follower Grabber, you also get Follower Mastery which is a complete step-by-step Twitter marketing course.

Follower Mastery will show you how you can setup and run a campaign successfully on Twitter with or without the use of Follower Grabber. It has 20 modules packed with extremely high quality content on Twitter marketing.

The details of the modules is as under:

  1. Finding the niche
  2. The basics of getting followers on Twitter
  3. The art of Tweeting
  4. User engagement tips and secrets
  5. Twitter Lists
  6. How to increase your followers
  7. Secret App that will help you manage your account
  8. Secrets to getting more followers
  9. Getting notified
  10. The right way to use Twitter for your business
  11. The money game
  12. Twitter marketing
  13. Twitter advertising account
  14. Creating your first campaign
  15. Tweet campaigns
  16. Tweet ads
  17. The right way to tweet
  18. Analytics
  19. Deep analysis
  20. Tracking campaigns (Google Analytics)

There are two Bonus modules:

  • Twitter Cards
  • How to create offers for ads


  • A web-based software that is extremely easy-to-use.
  • It comes with its own tutorial.
  • Tidy user-interface.
  • You can find follower IDs via keywords, trends and hashtags.
  • Managing you downloaded files is extremely easy. Software keeps track of all the downloaded files.
  • Follower Mastery is a very useful guide for those who are new to Twitter marketing.
  • It is extremely great at getting targeted traffic.

Why Use Follower Grabber

I am not a big fan of Twitter ads but after trying this software, I am seriously thinking to shift half of my campaigns from Facebook to Twitter.

No doubt, the actual software (Follower Grabber) and the marketing course (Follower Mastery) both are really killer and deliver a lot of value to the users.

If you are into Twitter marketing, this is one of the best investments that you will ever make as it can let you make your campaigns more personalized and targeting is right on spot. What else a marketer needs?

This is a software that is more than perfect for:

  • Businesses
  • Affiliates
  • Internet marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Marketing consultants
  • Ecommerce stores


You can purchase Follower Grabber at one-time price of $67. You get access to the software and the Follower Mastery course.

Upsell: If you intend to purchase commercial license, you can purchase Follower Grabber at the price of $147. With the commercial license, you can use Follower Grabber commercially for the sites of your clients.

Upsell: You can purchase Follower Manager App for the price of $49. This app manages your Twitter account and followers completely on autopilot.


  • Software is created by Robert who has created a lot of other top software in the past. You can expect high quality products from this guy.
  • Very easy-to-use software.
  • Follower Mastery is a top-notch step-by-step Twitter marketing course that delivers a lot of value.
  • Twitter marketing is a piece of cake with Follower Grabber.
  • Fairly affordable.


  • The only issue with Follower Grabber is its legality. In my point of view, it is not legal or at least not ethical to grab user IDs of followers without their consent (or knowledge).

Suggestions for Users

If you are interested in getting this software, here are a few recommendations for you.

  • If you are new to Twitter marketing, make sure you first go through the Follower Mastery course before setting up your very first campaign.
  • Follower Grabber has its own tutorial, it is recommended to go through it prior to doing anything with the software.
  • This software only provides you with follower IDs, it doesn’t setup ads and campaigns for you. Being marketer, you should know how you have to get most from these user IDs. If you will show bedding ad to the followers of ABC News, your campaign will fail badly. So getting user IDs is not important rather what’s more important is how you are using IDs, or in other words, how you use the software makes all the difference.


Let me conclude Follower Grabber review by saying that this software is just one part of the game. Even if you are showing right ads to the right audience, it might not work. You still need to have compelling ad copy, right country, right ad timing and so on.

There is no single best way to run a successful ad campaign on any ad network.

Follower Grabber does the great job of letting you run an extremely targeted ad campaign. While you are using this software, don’t forget other important constituents of an ad.

If you are interested in buying Follower Grabber, make sure you do it fast because there are limited spots available. The cart will open for 7 days only, better take a timely decision.

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