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VideoRankr Review: Easily Rank YouTube Videos

Videos are 6 times more engaging than any other type of content. This is why video marketing is getting so much popular among webmasters and businesses.

It is absolutely useless to publish high quality engaging videos if your videos are not ranking high enough on search results.

Ranking videos especially YouTube videos is not easy due to intensive competition. Take any keyword, even a long tail keyword, you will find tons of videos already ranking high in SERPs. This leaves little to no room for your newly published videos.

VideoRankr is a video ranking web-based desktop software that will help you rank any video fairly quickly.

Let’s find out more about this ranking software in VideoRankr review.

VideoRankr Review

It is a web-based software that is used to rank videos in search engines for desired keywords. It is basically a link building tool that build links to your videos on different websites including social bookmarking sites, video blogs, directories and others.

These backlinks push your website up the SERPs and you get better rankings.

The Authors

There are three guys behind VideoRankr namely;

  • Joshua Zamora
  • Abdul H.
  • Han Fan

But the main guys behind this software is Joshua Zamora. He is a well-known guy who is famous for his YouTube marketing skills and software. This time, he has come up with another software for general public.

How VideoRankr Works

VideoRankr works the same way like other link building and syndication tools.

You can create different campaigns. Within each campaign, you can add the types of links you need, for instant social bookmarking or directory links.

videorankr review

For every task, you need credits. For instance, for 300 directory links you need 4 credits. You get these credits with your package plan. VideoRankr Lite comes with 500 credits but you can purchase these credits too.

So what you need to do is choose the task or types of links you need to promote your YouTube video, enter the URL of the video, add keywords and description, choose task speed and submit your campaign.

videorankr review

This is how you submit a campaign which keeps on running on autopilot.


  • It can rank YouTube videos completely on autopilot.
  • User-interface is extremely easy and tidy.
  • Setting up a campaign with VideoRankr is easy and quick. It hardly takes 5 minutes to setup your campaign.
  • You can create different types of links to rank your videos.
  • It has drip feed option.
  • VideoRankr has its own built-in pinger that will ping all the links.
  • Everything is reported.
  • You get list of links that are posted.
  • It comes with 4 extremely high quality bonuses.

Can Video Rankr Really Rank Video

Yes it can rank videos.videorankr review

But you won’t be able to see results in as low as 48 hours – as advertised. In case of low competitive keywords, yes, you will see results fairly quickly but in case if you are trying to rank your video for a competitive keyword, you will have to wait for a few days or maybe a week.

In the end, it does work. There is no second opinion about it because it creates some good links to your YouTube videos.

Is Video Rankr Safe

It is a software that is only used for ranking YouTube videos, therefore it is safe.

You are not building links to your money site rather you are building links to a YouTube video, so it is 100% safe and secure.

Types of Links

At this moment, you can build following types of links to your videos:

  • Social bookmarking
  • Video syndication (publishing your video on multiple video streaming sites like Vimeo)
  • Directory submissions
  • Video likes
  • Video views
  • 301 links
  • URL shortener links

VideoRankr Price

You can get access to VideoRankr instantly after choosing your package form three available packages.

  • Video Rankr Lite is priced at $37 and comes with 500 credits (Limited access)
  • Video Rankr Standard is available at $47 with 1000 credits (Limited access)
  • Video Rankr Professional is priced at onetime cost of $57 with 2000 credits (Full access to all features)

Remember, you need credits to run campaigns and to build links to your videos.

After you have selected your package, you will then need to purchase additional credits every month. You can opt for monthly 1000 credits at $47 per month.

Additional Costs

In order to make most from your VideoRankr campaigns, you need to index all the links. If not indexed, 90% of the links will be wasted and will never be found by search engines ever. Therefore, a link indexer service is a must if you want to rank your videos quickly.

You can get access to Link Indexr which is the indexing software that is fully compatible with VideoRankr. This is priced at $97 onetime for the members of Video Rankr, otherwise it is priced at $67 per month.

videorankr reviewPros

  • An extremely easy-to-use video ranking software.
  • Ranks YouTube videos pretty quickly in Google.
  • No technical stuff involved.
  • Multiple plans to choose from.
  • Setting up a campaign with VideoRankr is extremely easy.
  • Different types of links can be created.


  • If you add up additional costs, it gets a bit pricey.
  • Pinger, drip feed and reporting is not available with Lite and Standard packages therefore you will have to go for the expensive Pro plan.
  • Only works for YouTube videos.


VideoRankr is a decent video ranking web based software that will let you create different types of links to your YouTube videos. It is an easy-to-use software. No rocket science is involved here.

When buying Video Rankr, keep additional costs in mind. There are two types of additional costs associated with Video Rankr software; credits and link indexing service. You can get these two services at onetime discounted price so make sure that you grab them at discounted price.

As far as ranking is concern, it does rank videos on complete autopilot. You can setup campaigns and let it build links on autopilot for you.

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