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Blog Cash Profits Review: How to Setup Your Own WordPress Blog

We all know that blogging is very profitable and we all know at least one individual who makes thousands of dollars every month (or maybe every week) from his blog, and at the core of your heart, you want to start and own such a blog that makes huge passive income for you. But it never happens…….

Yes, it is true that blogging isn’t easy especially in today’s time when there is so much competition in pretty much every niche and market. The irony is, majority of the people have no clue as to how to start a new blog? In order to solve all these and many other blogging related issues, there is a blogging course that’s known as Blog Cash Profits.

Blog Cash Profits Review

Blog Cash Profits is a complete step-by-step course that will show you how to create a blog and how to make money from it. It has both PDF that’s over 50 pages and there are 33 videos. The entire course runs in a sequence so that you understand each and everything about blogging.

blog cash profits review

Course Content


The PDF, which is around 50 pages, has 6 parts and 3 additional extra parts. It is an eBook that covers following topics in great depth:

  1. Finding profitable niche
  2. Setting up your blog
  3. Creating unique content
  4. Monetization
  5. Marketing and promotion
  6. Tools and resources

The three extra parts are:

  • A blueprint on the entire blogging process
  • A checklist
  • Mind map

Video Training

There are 5 video training modules that you get access to. The modules discuss following content:

  1. Domain name registration and setting up your web host
  2. WordPress setup
  3. Setting up your blog
  4. Blog monetization
  5. Driving traffic


You get three bonuses with your purchase:

  1. 1500+ PLR articles
  2. Email Marketing and building your email list (PDF)
  3. Social media marketing secrets revealed (PDF)

blog cash profits review

Who Is It For

Blog Cash Profits is primarily for beginners and newbie who don’t know how to setup a new WordPress blog and how to start making money from it. If you have a blog already, this course isn’t for you.

What to Expect from Blog Cash Profits

After reading the eBook and watching all the videos, you will have your own blog which will be ready to make money. You will then have to write content either yourself or hire someone for it. The blog will grow eventually and will start making money for you gradually.

You shouldn’t expect a miracle from Blog Cash Profits instead it will help you to create a WordPress blog from scratch.


It is currently available at one-time price of $47 backed by complete 60 days money back guarantee.

blog cash profits review


  • Blog Cash Profits is one of the easiest courses for anyone who wants to start a new blog.
  • The videos and the entire eBook are step by step so it doesn’t get hard for students to stick to the course.
  • You get both videos and PDF.
  • 60 days money back guarantee.
  • Fairly concise and to-the-point course with no fluff at all.


  • It only discusses a few basic traffic generation methods.
  • Too basic, best for beginners only.


I know how hard it is to create your very first WordPress blog. I still remember the time when I created my first WordPress blog after reading so much about it on the internet and after wasting a couple weeks. You don’t have to waste your time instead grab Blog Cash Profits for instant blog setup. It will guide you through entire blog setup process and you will have your own blog running in a couple hours – not weeks.

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