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Article Syndication: The Right Way to Do It

Article marketing and article syndication are two different but slightly overlapping internet marketing concepts. For most of the people and even for most of the internet marketers, article marketing and article syndication are the same. Different experts have different views on these two concepts. Irrespective of the fact that whether these are two different or a single marketing method, we do it the wrong way.

In fact, 90 percent of the internet marketers do it the wrong way.

What is Article Syndication?

Simply put, it is a marketing method where you write an article and post it onto different directories and PR sites and you even send it to other webmasters as well. The basic idea is to float the article as much as possible and to allow people use the same article on their sites and blogs but with reference.

So whenever your article is used by another webmaster, the credit goes to you. The article is linked to your site or blog. If someone reading your article on another blog and likes it, he/she will be directed to your actual site.

This is one great way to get more readers and not any links. You don’t get a link (backlink) with article marketing, although you get but they aren’t of any use. The aim is not to get backlinks but to distribute your quality article, and bring readers to your site.

How We Do Article Syndication?

9 out of 10 internet marketers use article syndication purely for backlinks. This is not suggested at all. Even if you aim for backlinks or not, you don’t get them, and even if you get them, they are of no use – so why aim for backlinks?

Second, we publish brand new quality articles on other Ezines and article directories without publishing them onto out blog/site, this doesn’t make sense – not at all, at least in my books.

What’s the point in submitting a new article on any article directory? What you get? Nothing, right.

The Right Way to Do Article Syndication

There are two things and only two things you have to do to get things right.

First, aim for readers and not for backlinks. When you aim for real human readers you will write quality article which will blow away any one. This is what you should aim for. Write a top quality article on any topic so that readers love it.

Second, publish the article on your blog/site first. Wait – and once it is being indexed, then submit it onto article directories, send it for use to other webmasters in your niche and so on BUT with an author bio and a link back to your original site/blog where you published it.

Let other bloggers and webmasters use your article and it will drive traffic to your actual site.

A good idea is to publish a small portion or incomplete but readable article on article directory. And direct the users to your blog with a statement like “click here to read the full story” or “visit my blog to find out ………..”. This way, article directories like Ezinearticles will not reject your article and you will always get the traffic which is the aim.

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