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10 Most Stupid Internet Money Making Ideas

The way you work and the way you earn has changed a lot these days. Internet has brought a revolution in the job market. Although it still may not be called as the solitary source of income but yet there are thousands of ways in which internet can be used to earn a decent income alongside your main job or business. Luckily, most of these opportunities don’t even require an initial investment. The money you earn through internet money making ideas depend on the time you can manage and the effort you are willing to put in.

  1. Blogging

Perhaps it is one of the most commonly used internet money making tools. Creating a blog of your own doesn’t require much of a skill. If you only have the skill to play with words, you can be a successful blogger and earn reasonable income.

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  1. Creating Facebook Page for Your Products

This is something I have watched my friends do and earn beyond expectations. One of my close relatives loves baking and she has a passion for making wonderfully adorned cakes for almost every occasion. All she does is put up pictures of all the cakes she bakes and start taking orders online. You too can turn your Facebook account into a virtual selling place for anything you are good at.

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  1. Writing Online

Besides creating your blog, one can also earn by writing for others. Online market places can never go down for the writers who possess good writing skills. You can write for Helium, PayperPost or Weblogs. Or there are lots of websites where writers can find great clients for instance Up Worl, Elance, Freelancer and others are always oozing with job posts for good writers.internet money making

  1. Become an Affiliate Marketer

You do not have to always own a product to sell. You can earn by selling products owned by others. Be an affiliate to a person or company like ClickBank or Commission Junction and start earning by selling other people’s products.

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  1. Online Tuition

Being an online tutor can be a great way to internet money making. If you can manage a few hours per week and are good at a particular subject, you can work according to your own suitable schedule and earn by helping the students. Websites like TutorVista, Tutor.com and SmartThinking are good platforms where you can register as a tutor.

  1. Selling Old Books

You can buy old, cheap books and try selling them at Amazon, eBay or other similar websites for profits. It doesn’t really require any special skill.

  1. Become a Virtual Assistant

Busy clients are always in need of someone who can handle their daily routine tasks and act as an assistant to share their burden. They may need someone for email response handling or for research etc. It is an easy way of earning and virtual assistants usually charge per hour for different tasks they perform.

  1. Photography

If photography is your passion, turn it into a source of income which would not only bring you satisfaction but also some extra money. Put up the images on internet and people will always be willing to pay for the photos they like. You can sell your photos to others at marketplaces like Shutterstock and Dreamstime.

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  1. YouTube

You can turn YouTube into a cash cow if you possess any skill like cooking, singing, comedy video making or anything else. You will earn money with the ads that will be posted on your videos. Every click would bring some money for you.

  1. Medical Transcription

If you have a bit of knowledge of medical terminologies and have a good typing speed, you can earn good money. Medical transcription means typing or writing down the orally dictated material by doctors. You need to be a good typist and have some knowledge of medical terms to become a medical transcriptionist.

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