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Start Building Backlinks Now

There is no second opinion to the fact that your site or blog needs backlinks. No matter what Google or Matt Cutts says, you just cannot go without backlinks. You have to start building backlinks if you aren’t doing it already.

You see you just cannot sit and wait for people to come to your blog, by chance and then you expect from people that they will also link back to your blog or a post or a webpage. I mean why on earth someone will link back to you – of course until and unless you are writing something really out of the box, which is pretty much impossible.

Instead of posting regularly and building no backlinks, you need to start building backlinks as soon as you can in fact you need to do it right from day one.

The Problem

The problem with most of the webmasters is that they are afraid of Google updates and they are afraid of getting banned or penalized by Google. If you are not building backlinks just because you think that Google will take your site down, I don’t have to say anything except for ‘Man, get a life and hire an SEO expert’. There are internet marketing gurus and SEO experts out there who will do it safely for you.

The Solution

Trust me, until and unless you will do some kind of blunder or a crazy thing with your backlinks or SEO, you will not get notified and will never get banned or something. Be smart. Just don’t do something that will get your site flagged.

There are millions and millions of sites out there. The one’s that are penalized by Google are the ones that do something really “out of the box”. Otherwise you will just lose the ranking which you can get back easily.

To make money from your site, you have to start building backlinks because this is the only way to get access to organic traffic, else look for other paid traffic sources. I’d suggest trying Google Adwords.

So instead of waiting to get backlinks naturally, it is time to start building backlinks – if you are really in a mood to do some business.

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