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How to Write a Killing Blog Post

It is the dream of every single blogger as to how to write a killing blog post. Bloggers just love to see their blog posts being shared and getting viral like anything. In order to make your blog post killer and viral, you need to follow all the steps stated below.

Ideas and Tips to Write a Killing Blog Post

Innovative Idea

It all begins with an innovative idea. The idea has not to be new but it should be unique. If you are writing a blog post about “10 tips to lose weight”, you just don’t have to amend the title of the post because it has been published several times on hundreds of blogs already. No, you should write about “10 tips to lose weightBUT you should NOT repeat the same tips. If you have some new tips based on your experience or anything, it is absolutely fine. Such a post thatwrite a killing blog post comes up with an idea that is not very common or generic, is said to be a killing blog post in the true sense.

Format of the Blog Post

Although most of the bloggers don’t deem the format of a post an important factor when it comes to write a killing blog post but there are a few who do, and I am one of them. The blog post should have a starting, body, and conclusion. Every single idea or theme or concept should be represented in a new paragraph. Bullets, videos, infographics, pictures and headings make your post attractive, easy-to-read and interesting. Readers find it easy to absorb the ideas.

Now compare such a post with a post that has two paragraphs with no headings, no bullets, no video, no pictures and nothing else. Such a blog post will have a bounce rate of no less than 90%.

Right Length

To write a killing blog post, you have to make sure that the post has the right length. It shouldn’t be too lengthy or too short. What I’d suggest is to look at the idea and not the words. As soon as the idea has been delivered and you have written everything what you wanted to say, stop there. Do not worry for the word count. Make sure that the post is concise with no unnecessary details.

Write For The Readers

When you are jotting the post, keep your readers in your mind. Forget the search engines, forget keywords and keywords density. The key to write a killing blog post is to write the post exclusively for your readers. Period.


Blog posts that share facts or data are considered to be more authentic by readers as compared to posts that don’t have any solid facts, data or figures. But it isn’t always necessary to include solid facts in your blog post. If you are writing a theoretical or a purely conceptual blog post, then you need to make your point of view clear. In this case, you need to be as clear and descriptive as you can.

I hope these tips and ideas will aid you to write a killing blog post. I wish you all the best for your blog.

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