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The Best Word Count For A Blog Post

The biggest issue with majority of the bloggers is that they are not sure as to how long or short a good blog post should be. They don’t know what is the best word count for a blog post – a decent blog post.

There is no best word count for a blog post.

Your blog post must convey the message. It must deliver the idea. Irrespective of word count.

I don’t know why bloggers keep their focus on word count while they jot a blog post? I know bloggers who just stick word count for a blog postto 400 words per blog post and no matter what, they just have to complete that ‘400 word’ mark. They aim for word count. They have to keep the post 400 words no matter how they do it.

If you will aim for word count, you will be publishing just words on your blog – trust me.

When you will aim for your ‘readers’, you will then get readers.

The purpose of your blog post must be to convey the message as effectively and as precisely as possible. Forget word count for a blog post. I have seen blog posts under 150 words. But these posts were spot-on.

Your readers don’t see the word count. They are ONLY interested in the INFORMATION that you are providing them via your blog posts – that’s all!

Forget about word count for a blog post.

Forget about indexing.

There is no ideal length of a blog post.

If your blog post is over 1000 words but has no solid information, it is useless. A 300 words blog post that is concise and is based on a unique idea – that’s a killing blog post.

Your aim should be to provide unique information via your blogs posts and not the word count for a blog post.

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