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Autopilot Profits Review

Autopilot Profits is an affiliate marketing course authored by Ewen Chia who is an internet marketer. Autopilot Profits claims that it will change your life forever. Let’s see whether Autopilot Profits will going to change your life or not in this Autopilot Profits review.

Autopilot Profits Review

Autopilot Profits is an affiliate marketing course. After buying the course, you will get a word document that has all the information. There are no video tutorials or anything else to guide the users. All the information is available in the word document.

How Much Money You Can Earn

Autopilot Profits is not a kind of course that will make you rich. Although you will find a lot of high claims on the official website but actually this course will not going to work well for you.

For absolute beginners, Autopilot Profits has bits of information that beginners will find useful. But anyone who knows a little bit about affiliate marketing will not find this course useful at all.autopilot profits review


  • Full 60 days money back guarantee.
  • You will get the course in written format which is a sort of nice idea because you can refer to it anytime.
  • The course has been authored by a pretty knowledgeable internet marketer.


  • A very hyped course.
  • The course uses information, details and techniques that are obsolete.
  • It only gives you an overview of affiliate marketing. You don’t get any workable strategies.
  • There are a lot of false claims on the actual website.

Is It Any Good

Honestly, Autopilot Profits is not an affiliate marketing course worth spending money. All the information that is available in the course can be found easily anywhere on internet.

Additionally, the linkbuilding strategies that are available in the course are black hat which will not going to work at all. Even if you somehow manage to follow the course and end up building links, those links will not improve the ranking of your site. Black hat techniques don’t work anymore.

At its best, it will help you create an affiliate site or an affiliate blog. But it isn’t just enough to create a site. It’s traffic and sales that you need to make money, which this course doesn’t cover at all.

The statements and claims on the official site are false. I have to say that it is an overly hyped site.

Autopilot Profits Review Conclusion

I do not recommend Autopilot Profits at all. It will only help you in getting know-how about affiliate marketing and a few link building methods, and that’s it. It is not a step-by-step course which beginners need. Even from the learning perspective, Autopilot Profits is not a great course.

If you really want to make money via affiliate marketing, then look for other reliable courses. I recently reviewed Affilorama which is a free affiliate marketing course.

Suggested affiliate courses: Easy Paycheck Formula 2, Affilorama, Shoe in Money and Income with Jamie.

autopilot profits review

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