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Are You A Blogger? What Different Are You Doing?

If you are a blogger, you are competing billions of other bloggers all over the world. The competition is fiercely fierce. If you really want to survive as a blogger, you have to do something really different. There are indeed a lot of things you should do to stand out from the crowd. It is, by no means, easy. If you are not serious about blogging, you have no room at all.

Are You A Blogger: What Different You Can Do?

Here are a few things that you should focus upon if you are really serious about your blog and you want to make money from it.

Addition to Body of Knowledge

What contribution you are making to existing body of knowledge? Is it just that you are rewording the content that is already posted by thousands of blogs? Doing so, will not help you make stand out of the crowd.

Are you a blogger

You don’t have to be a researcher or a scientist to add new unique knowledge to the existing body of knowledge. What you should do is come up with your own arguments and viewpoint. If you tell someone that fire is not hot, nobody will believe you but if you have arguments to support your proposition, people will definitely believe you.

Same should be applied to blogging. You should add your own arguments to whatever your write and post. The knowledge, research and stats are already there, you have to present them with your own arguments to grab the attention.

Another aspect is to find, collect and present already available information in a more user-friendly and interesting way on your blog. There are billions of sites and blogs out there. If you just collect information from multiple sources and then present it in your own style on your blog post (of course uniquely), you will be making a huge difference.

Connect With the Audience

Buying a domain name, buying a hosting package, installing a premium wordpress theme and installing all those Are you a bloggerfamous generic plugins will not do any good for you or for your readers.

You should connect with your readers. If you manage to do this successfully, you will have a never ending supply of money coming your way.

There are tons of ways to connect and stay connected with your audience for instance:

  • Connecting via social media
  • Sending them regular emails
  • Posting content regularly
  • Posting content that your readers need

Posting regularly is not what will connect you to your readers, as most of the bloggers assume. Instead building a relationship with your readers will. An autoresponder is, therefore, considered the best tool for staying in touch with the audience.

Are You A Blogger? Don’t Miss Marketing

Probably the biggest mistake bloggers make is that they expect that readers will find them. This never happens. Writing and posting quality content will not help you get found. You have to do marketing. You have to promote your blog.

Unfortunately majority of the blogs don’t do marketing. This means you have a lot of scope in blogging if you do marketing the right way.

It is all about reaching the right audience at the right time. If you will totally rely on search engines, you will be no different from millions of other blogs.

Are you a blogger

Even if you write killer blog posts, you will still have to tell the right people about your blog posts. A few methods to find (or reach) right audience include:

  • Paid advertising (especially social media ads)
  • Forums
  • Find places where your target audience is found. If you have a blog about dogs, you will find people who are interested in dogs on Facebook dog related pages, forums, Amazon, ebay, Facebook groups and at your competitors.
  • Social media networks
  • Webmasters
  • Journalists and other bloggers
  • Syndication sites

Perhaps the best place to look for people who might be interested in your blog is your competitor’s blog and your competitor’s social media accounts.

Once you find your potential readers, you need to tell them about your blog and your best post.


Did I tell you that out of those billions of blogs, only a few million are active? There are three broad types of bloggers:Are you a blogger

  1. Those who start a blog with extreme passion. Stay active for first few months and then never post again. After a year, their domain name expires and their blog becomes a history.
  2. Seasonal bloggers are the ones that post on and off. These are usually part-time kind of bloggers who only write and post when they get time to.
  3. Consistent bloggers are the ones that stick to their blogs like glue and are extremely consistent in updating their blog.

Fortunately enough, more than half of the bloggers fall in the first category. You have to become a consistent blogger to be different and to stand out.

Blogging is not just about publishing when you find the time instead it is all about passion. Once you have a few regular readers, then you have to stick to their needs, and readers expect nothing but good quality blog posts on regular basis.

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