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Why This Is the Right Time To Shift To Content Marketing

Content marketing, seems to be a pretty generic term to most of the marketers, is not something that you can, being a marketer, stop using in 2014-15 and onwards. Not sure what will happen in 2016 but as of current era, content marketing is the best digital marketing strategy.

93% of the people on the internet find content via search engines. This implies you should have a solid content marketing strategy in place to bring those 93% of the people to your site.

No More Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is now an outdated concept. Big brands and internet marketers have now shifted towards content marketing.

How many social media networks we have? There are a lot of them, Facebook, Twitter, Google and many others on the list. For a business, it is not easy to maintain and manage accounts on so many different sites. It does need a lot of time and energy.

Now, marketers are focusing on two main things:

  1. Minimal social network presence. Internet marketers maintain their presence on a few selected social media networks that are best aligned to their strategies. This reduces all the hectic work that needs to be done.
  2. Great content creation for the blog that will drive highly targeted traffic to their site/blog.

So the idea is to create content that grabs the attention, create account on only those social networks that matter the most, share the content and watch the traffic coming your way virally.

Google Loves Content Marketing

No matter what people say, Google is still the king. It has no match. To get access to all the organic traffic, it is must to comply to Google terms. To rank in Google, you have to do exactly what Google says. Period.

What Google needs? Nothing, but unique informative content fairly frequently.

Google loves blogs and fresh content. In the long-run, Google will only allow sites with quality and informative content to outrank. This is what Google is trying to do with all its algorithm updates.

For survival (in Google SERPs) in the long-run, content marketing is the only solution. If you don’t want to lose a major portion of traffic that finds your business via Google, you have to stick to content marketing.

This also implies that content marketing is a long-term strategy.

Be the Change

Instead of anticipating the change, you have to be the change for survival. To bring the change within your niche you have to have strong networking with not only customers but also with competitors. Yes, it is now the time to collaborate with your competitors instead of spying them.

When we talk of collaboration and networking, the best way is content marketing.

Ever wondered what guest blogging is all about? In fact, it does not have its same old potential now but real internet marketers are still using it today the right way.

Guest blogging is a perfect example of networking with your competitors. Guest posts are always published on blogs in the same niche or to your indirect competitors.

It is absolutely necessary for survival to connect with other webmasters not for the purpose of spying but to share information, resources and just for networking.

Information Overload

Not only that Google needs fresh content but people demand the same from us.

We have to admit the fact that customers or internet users are getting smart. There is so much information available on the internet that a potential information seeker just needs the right facts and no fluff.

If you find patterns in all the viral content, you will see one common aspect in all such viral posts – non-generic information. Anything that’s reworded, generic and/or valueless will not be accepted by your audience.

For this reason, you have to shift your focus towards content marketing with an intention to provide high quality valuable information to the users.

A Few Content Marketing Tips to Help You Start Right Away

  • Quality content is at the core of the content marketing. Great content will drive traffic while average content will not do any good for you. The foundation of content marketing totally relies on high quality content.
  • Social media is not the only place where you can share your content instead the best way to share your content is to tell about it to other webmasters that might be interested in the content. This is where networking steps in. Building networks and connections with other webmasters will let you know what they like, what type of content they post on their blogs and what content they share with their audience.
  • Content does not always mean written content instead when we talk of content, we mean every single type of content including images, audio, video, infographic and any other type.
  • Let content do the marketing. You don’t have to do much of the work in promoting your content instead your duty is to write a killer piece, share it with the right people and then sit back, let your content do the talking.

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