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WP Scope Review: Get Better with Periscope

Video marketers and Twitter users might know what Periscope is. Since WP Scope is closely related to Periscope so before moving ahead towards the actual WP Scope review, it is critical to establish a link between the two and to let readers know what Periscope is.

What is Periscope?

Periscope is an app that lets you broadcast live video streams from your phone. You create a video, post it on Periscope, your followers will get a message about it. This is how it works. All videos posted on Periscope are viewable by all the members and these videos are searchable as well.

In simple words, it lets you connect and engage with your audience.

The issue, however, with Periscope is that all the videos are deleted after 24 hours. The life of any video on Periscope is 24 hours and after that, you will not going to see it back.

Imagine, you create a video, put in a lot of effort and after 24 hours, it is gone. It doesn’t sound good, right?

Thanks to WP Scope for solving this issue.

With WP Scope, you can now use and publish your Periscope videos on your blog. You can curate videos and can connect with your audience even outside Periscope’s platform.

WP Scope Review

It is a WordPress plugin that will be integrated to Periscope and it will curate videos from Periscope automatically, post them on your video blog. So your videos (and videos of other Periscope users) will now fuel viral traffic on your website or blog.

Amazing isn’t it?

wp scope reviewFeatures

  • A revolutionary WordPress plugin that will bring in tons of traffic for you.
  • It works on complete auto-pilot. It scans, extract, optimize, syndicate, publish and share on full auto-pilot.
  • Videos are posted on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  • All the videos are Google-friendly and rank extremely well.
  • You can drive massive traffic to your Facebook account, to your Twitter account, to your YouTube channel and to your own website.
  • Unlimited supply of new fresh videos.
  • It is totally legal.

How WP Scope Works

Here is how this plugin works.

  1. Download and install WP Scope plugin on your WordPress blog or website.
  2. Extract videos from Periscope which are known as Scopes.
  3. WP Scope will automatically curate videos.
  4. Video will be published on your blog as a new Scope post.
  5. Auto-posting on Facebook and Twitter.wp scope review
  6. Watch the traffic rolling in.


  • It works completely on autopilot. It is a set and forget plugin that will keep doing its work.
  • All the videos are fully optimized and Google loves these videos.
  • Driving traffic to your website or blog is a piece of cake with WP Scope.
  • All the videos are posted on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. So you build massive audience with these scopes.
  • If you want to build authority in your niche, there is nothing better than this WordPress plugin.
  • It is backed by 30-days money back guarantee.


  • You will be using other people’s broadcasts from Periscope which is not good for user engagement and personalization. Better use them smartly and wisely.


I have not seen such a powerful and useful plugin in my life. If you understand the real power of this piece of script, you will not waste a moment to buy it. The thing is, with this plugin you can do a lot of things – it just depends on you how you make best use of it.

Don’t miss this WordPress plugin if you want to dominate your niche.

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