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Make Money from PTC Sites

A PTC site is a site where you are paid to click on ads. PTC refers to ‘paid-to-click’ hence it is a site where you are paid to click on ads. A lot of people make money from PTC sites and you can too make money from such sites but ….

Making money from PTC sites isn’t easy. If you will look at the amount of money a PTC site gives you for a single click, you will be shocked – or maybe surprised. Even if you click 1000 ads, you will not going to earn any more than a cent. Do you believe it? What’s worse is that you have to see the ad for 5 seconds or maybe 3 seconds at minimum.

If you want to make money from PTC sites – and I am talking about real money, make sure that you will have to spend lots and lots of time but you will not be able to earn more than a few bucks.

So how people make money from PTC sites?make money from ptc sites

Almost every PTC site has a referral program. This referral program is pretty interesting and it pays you well probably more than the amount you get by clicking on ads. The referral program is simple, all you have to do is refer the PTC site to people and when they will join the site, you will be paid. And this is not all, you will get a certain portion of money that your referral will earn. This actually makes things easy for you.

If you manage to convince a few people to join a PTC site that you are working with, you will make money pretty much on autopilot. Those people will do the clicking stuff and you will get a small portion of their earnings. More people you convince, more money you make.

This is the right way to make money from PTC sites.

For newbie and beginners, it isn’t easy to get going with the referral program. If you have to recruit a few people and you want them to join a certain PTC site, you will have to work a bit hard. It will not going to just happen for you. You need to get training or you need to go through any authentic course like Referral Bluprint that will teach you all about getting lots of referrals easily.

Remember, the best way to make money from PTC sites is to get as many referrals as you can.

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