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Free Blog Marketing Strategies

Once you have setup your blog, the next thing that you need to do is market it. Without blog marketing, you cannot get traffic and visitors. Its ‘visitors’ that your blog needs to succeed. Visitors don’t come until and unless they will know you or your blog. So what you need to do is promote your blog, tell people about your blog, this will drive traffic to it.

Blog Marketing Strategies

There are several legal ways to market your blog even after several Google algorithm changes. It isn’t wise to create a blog, sit back and wait for visitors to come to your blog. You have to do blog marketing – no matter what.

Guest Blogging

There is no better way to market your blog than guest blogging. It is the most effective blog marketing method around. You need to send quality articles to other blogs in your niche for publication. Choose blogs that receive ample amount of web traffic so you can get direct traffic to your blog from the guest blog.

Social Media Marketing

Blog marketing gets too simple with social media. Driving traffic to your blog from social networks is extremely easy. Create a killing Facebook Fan page for your blog, use Twitter and Google plus for sharing your content regularly onto these social networks.

Write and Post Regularly

An important step in blog marketing is to write and post regularly onto your blog. More articles you will write, more impressions your blog will receive in search results which will lead to more clicks. Additionally, when you publish articles more often on your blog, Google and other search engines will index your posts more quickly which is good for getting traffic.

Prove Yourself as Expert

Join related forums and be active there. Comment on other related blog posts. Build trust. Tell people as to how expert you are in your niche. When people will see your name every now and then on forums and blog posts and pretty much everywhere, they will get used to your name and will surely find your blog.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is very effective and it is free. Create a few videos about your blog and publish them on different streaming sites specifically on youtube. This will not cost you much, but these videos (if optimized well) can drive a lot of traffic to your blog.

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