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4 Mistakes Every Affiliate Marketer Make

More than 50% of the people making money online start from affiliate marketing. The only reason for choosing affiliate marketing as the primary money making method is that it needs minimal investment. But almost all the affiliate marketers make similar kind of mistakes over and over again. If you are an affiliate marketer, make sure that you do not make these mistakes.

  1. Wrong affiliate product selection
  2. Selling without using
  3. Selling product instead of benefits
  4. Not creating your own site

Selection of Wrong Affiliate Product

Almost all the affiliates, choose products that are either famous or give them high commission. If you will do this, you will probably fail miserably.

Let me tell you, product selection is the most critical aspect of affiliate marketing. In fact, right product selection at right time is what you should aim for.

Famous and well-known affiliate products don’t do well. Being new to the market, you will not sell even a single copy of a well-known affiliate product. It is simply because there are a lot of gurus already promoting those products. The competition is fierce, and being new, there is no room for you.


You have to do two things before selecting and promoting any affiliate product.

  1. Do keyword research at Google Keyword Planner tool and ensure that the product has less than 100 searches a month.
  2. Select a recently launched product or one that is yet to be launched.

This way, you will have minimum competition and there are fair chances that you will make a few sales instantly after the product is launched.

Besides, Google Trends is your best friend. What you should do is keep looking for latest trends. The ones who catch up with a trend, respond quickly and start promoting a related product, always succeed. You have to monetize the trend, and this works pretty well.

Selling Without Using

Affiliates sign up with affiliate networks, choose the product they feel does work and start promoting it without using it. If you intend to follow the same strategy, you will not going to make much money.

How can you convince someone to buy a product when you are not sure about its features, pros and cons?

This does not work pretty well.

You don’t have to buy, use and test every single product that you promote instead what you should do is ask from the author/owner for a review copy. You get it for free and in 90% of the cases, you will get a review copy especially if you have selected a new product.

Once you have used the product personally, you will be in a much better position to convince others. Additionally you can then use screenshots and even videos to let people know that you have actually used the product. This increases conversion rate like hell.

Sell Benefits

Affiliates that sell products like crazy usually don’t make much money. You don’t have to sell the product, product author is already doing that at the sales page. Why you have to do all the hard work for someone else’s product?

Being an affiliate, you should sell the benefits. You have to inform the audience about the benefits and features of the product – the actual ones.

The only way to get an insight of the product benefits, is to use it. Try to be a helper and not a seller.

Help people in making the right choice by providing them the right information about products. If there aren’t any noticeable benefits in a given product, be honest and share the truth with the people. Tell them that the product is not useful at all.

Not Creating Your Own Website

If you haven’t created your own website (affiliate website or blog), you are making a serious mistake. Let me get it straight, a website is must for affiliate marketing for several reasons:

  1. You can send all the traffic to your website and then route it to the affiliate offer.
  2. You can build your own email list via your website. An email list of potential buyers is your best bet because it can let you make money from the list over and over again.
  3. You can build your own brand quite easily via your website.

Creating a website is not expensive at all. You need a domain name and a hosting plan, that’s it. There is nothing else you need. If you intend to use wordpress, you can choose from thousands of free wordpress themes.

Affiliate marketing is a complete business model. You have to take it seriously or else you are out of the game. Don’t take it for granted or just as a temporary way to make money from it. There are real millionaires out there that do nothing but promote other people’s products.

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