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Do This – To Get All the Google Love

We all want to get all the love and respect from Google. How about if I tell you all the things that you should do in order to get Google’s love, how would you feel? I am sure you will like it like anything.

But wait….

It is not just about reading the things that you have to do instead you have to follow these rules to make sure that you make it to the top.

More Content – More Google Love

Google loves new and fresh content, and it surely loves all those sites that do this.

You have to publish new content as often as you can. A blog makes it easy to publish new content. Therefore if your business is lacking a blog, it is the best time to get one.

How often you should publish is one of the most asked questions.

If you can post every single day, that is great. Posting a blog post every single day is the best way to get all the love from Google. However it is not easy to publish every day without hurting the quality of the content. While regular content creation is important but it shouldn’t be missing the ‘quality’ factor. If you can post daily maintaining the quality of the content, you are on the best track.

Most of the bloggers and top internet marketers prefer publishing new blog posts 2 to 4 times a week. There are bloggers that just post once a day, that is quite acceptable too.

Site Speed

Site speed is becoming a more important Google factor with the passage of time. Site speed is important because it is a major indicator of user experience. Google wants to make sure that users can access sites and information easily, and if you have a slow site, you are not making it easy for your users to access the information.

You can test site speed from within Google Webmasters Tools. Open Google Webmasters Tools:

  1. Click on your site for which you want to check the speed
  2. Click on Other Resources
  3. Click on PageSpeed Insights
  4. Your site will be analyzed for both mobile and computer and you will see rating from 100 and a lot of suggestions and recommendations to improve site speed

Follow all the instructions to fix the issues and then re-run the test to ensure that you have at least 80/100 score.

No More Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is a big NO. Google hates sites that use duplicate content therefore you should have zero duplicate content on your site or blog.

There are two ways in which your blog could have duplicate content:

  1. You have used duplicate content on your site without referencing (or giving due credit to the original author). In this case, you know that you are using duplicate content so you can easily detect it.
  2. The real issue is when your content is being used elsewhere. In that case, you don’t have to worry much because since you used the content first on your site, so Google will not penalize you for anything. But if you want to detect duplicate content and want to get it removed, you should use any plagiarism checker tool to detect duplicate content and Google DMCA tool to request removal.

Earn, Not Build Links

This is something that you already know, I suppose because there has always been a lot of discussion all over the internet about link building and SEO practices. There is not much room for link building or as Google calls it web spam.

Your main focus (in order to get Google love) should be on link-earning. Let me tell you, earning links is not hard. All you have to do is keep on writing and posting quality content, share your content with the right audience, and you will earn links.

Link earning seems to be a pretty long-term strategy because getting links this way seems to be hard, and yes it is. If you don’t have high quality content on your site/blog, you are sure to get it the hard way. But if you are publishing quality content on your blog, and you are sharing it to the right audience (this is the real thing to do), you will earn links.

Writing and posting quality content is not what you only need instead it is the first part of earning links. The more important step is to share the content with the right people. Tell people about your content. If you will do this effectively, you are sure to earn a lot of links. If you fail to do so, you will not earn links.

This is not all. These were just the 4 things that you should do at minimum to get Google love you, but this, in no way, is the end. This is only the tip of the ice berg of all those things that every webmaster should do in order to get all the love from Google, only if you want to.

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