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The Art to Win More Jobs On oDesk As Freelancer

oDesk is one of the world’s largest freelancing portal. The competition is really tough in all the categories. It isn’t easy to win jobs. Having worked at oDesk as a freelancer for more than 5 years, I will share a few of my experiences today that will make things easy for you in getting more jobs on oDesk.

Win More Jobs on oDesk: The Job Post

Read the job posting and all the details very carefully. Don’t just apply right away by looking at the title of the job instead read the description completely. 85 percent of the clients on oDesk will ask you to include a specific word in the cover letter. This is just because they know that freelancers don’t read the job description fully. So what you need to do is read the description completely. Period.

Win More Jobs on oDesk: When to Apply

Only apply on a job when you are sure that you are the right candidate for the job and when you fulfill all the job requirements. Otherwise you will be wasting your quota.

Win More Jobs on oDesk: Avoid Recycled Cover Letters

I am not saying to write a new cover letter for every single job that you apply at oDesk but a single cover letter will not going to work for all the jobs. Clients are smart enough. So do not use any recycled cover letter instead write a few sentences based on the job posting. This will give a nice impression to the client that you have actually read the job posting.

Win More Jobs on oDesk: Answer the Questions

Most of the clients ask freelancers to respond back with answers to a few queries like samples, experience, qualification etc. Always reply to all the asked questions. When a client says not to write anything in the cover letter rather add a sample, do the same.

Win More Jobs on oDesk: Stay under the Budget

It is not always a good idea to bid higher than the estimated budget. If client has the budget of $100 for a job, and you are applying with $120, you have already killed 50 percent chance of getting the job.

Win More Jobs on oDesk: Be Concise

Clients are busy. They don’t have the time to read all those long and boring cover letters. You don’t have to do it at all. Just keep your cover letter short and concise. Avoid irrelevant details.

Win More Jobs on oDesk: Cover Letter

Cover letter tells half the story to the client. Make sure that you are not using a recycled cover letter. Include the name of the client if it is mentioned in the job post. The cover letter has to be grammatically correct and it must be sound. It is like your sales page. You have to sell yourself – so sell yourself wisely. Why would a client hire you if you are sending a totally irrelevant cover letter?

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