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WP Profit Builder Review & Bonuses

WP Profit Builder is a WordPress plugin that is used to create marketing pages and to build sites without any experience at all. It has a drag and drop user interface that makes it very easy for users to create pages of any type in any niche. Making sales pages, lead pages, marketing pages, webinars, layouts or even an entire website looks pretty easy with WP Profit Builder.

Before you hookup with WP Profit Builder, I recommend reading this entire WP Profit Builder review since we will cover each and every thing about WP Profit Builder in this in-depth and detailed review.

WP Profit Builder Review

Simply put, it is an interface that lets you create all types of marketing pages from your WordPress site/blog. It is a WordPress plugin therefore it will only work with a self-hosted wordpress site. User-interface is drag-and-drop where you can select, copy, delete, move and edit any item as per your needs. You don’t necessarily have to start creating your page from scratch rather you can choose templates and high converting layouts from the library. Once you have selected a layout from the library, you can then edit it quite easily.

Profit Builder Live Demo

I know when it comes to a product that has a user-interface, people just want to look at the live demo of the product before they buy it so that they can judge the strengths and weaknesses of the product and its interface. Yes, it makes sense too. Here is a live demo of the WP Profit Builder.


Here is a list of pretty much all the features of WP Profit Builder.

  1. Let me be very clear about the user interface and for me, it is the best thing that almost everyone will love. Sean has done a great job in keeping the user-interface as easy and simple as possible.
  2. Complete drag-and-drop interface where you don’t need any programming, designing or any other skills.
  3. WP Profit Builder comes with more than 60 layouts that are ready-to-use. According to the author, new layouts are added to the library every now and then, so there are fair chances that the number of pre-designed and ready-made layouts will increase with the passage of time.
  4. The pre-designed layouts are said to be really high converting. If you use any of these without making much changes to it, chances are you will see a high conversion rate.
  5. All the pages that you create from WP Profit Builder are mobile optimized.
  6. It works with almost all the wordpress themes. So far, there have been no issues with respect to working of the plugin. It works perfectly with every WordPress theme.
  7. Not only that the marketing pages are mobile optimized but these are also SEO optimized therefore you can expect that a marketing page that you built with WP Profit Builder will naturally rank better in search results.
  8. WP Profit Builder allows you to integrate with all the platforms be it any affiliate network, CMS, video platform, email marketing software or even Ecommerce platforms.
  9. You can create almost any type of marketing page with WP Profit Builder for instance lead pages, sales pages, member portals, review sites, social sites, webinar pages, Ecommerce sites and Ecommerce pages, training series and much more.

About Author

Sean Donahoe is the guy who created WP Profit Builder. He is a well-known marketing guru with several other top-notch products in his name like IMSC Rapid Mailer, Rapid Content Wizard and others. He is not new to all this and when we talk about Sean Donahoe, we should expect nothing but a high quality product.

WP Profit Builder review

Who Is It For

I was looking at some other WP Profit Builder reviews on the internet, I found that people are saying that WP Profit Builder is for everyone. This is nothing but a lie.

WP Profit Builder is not for everyone.

WP Profit Builder is a WordPress plugin so first, it is for those who have their own self-hosted wordpress site. We are not talking about WordPress.com sites/blogs rather we are talking about self-hosted wordpress.org sites. I hope this makes sense. If you don’t have a site that you host yourself, WP Profit Builder is not for you.

Similarly, if you are using any other CMS (like Joomla) you cannot use WP Profit Builder.

I personally believe that even if you have a WordPress site, you don’t necessarily always need WP Profit Builder. Why? What if you have a blog and you don’t need a marketing page? I know a lot of bloggers who have been blogging for years but they are not interested in building any marketing page.

You only need to grab WP Profit Builder if you are interested in building marketing pages. If you don’t have any such intention, you don’t need this plugin.

On a general note WP Profit Builder is best for:

  1. Internet marketers (beginners as well as expert)
  2. Businesses
  3. Affiliate marketers
  4. Bloggers
  5. Email marketers (MUST)
  6. Membership site owners
  7. Designers and programmers (since it will let you create pages in minutes)
  8. Absolute newbies


  1. WP Profit Builder has full 60 days money back guarantee. If you don’t like it, you can get your money back.
  2. You don’t need any programming or coding skills to use WP Profit Builder. In fact, the core purpose behind creating WP Profit Builder is to make things easy for public at large.
  3. Best for beginners and absolute newbies.
  4. It comes with pre-designed layouts that can be edited with extreme ease. You can choose to create your own page or choose one from the layouts.
  5. No recurring charges. You just have to pay once and the plugin is yours for lifetime.
  6. WP Profit Builder comes with step-by-step training course so that users can learn to use WP Profit Builder and master it. Besides, you also get a lot of bonuses with your purchase.
  7. User-interface is extremely cool. Everything is kept simple and easy.
  8. Almost any other platform can be integrated with WP Profit Builder.


  1. WP Profit Builder only works with WordPress sites. It doesn’t support any other CMS.
  2. Not all the pages that you create with WP Profit Builder are high converting. The actual sales page states that ‘create high converting marketing pages with WP Profit Builder’. This is not true. Creating a marketing page is one thing and creating a high converting marketing page is another thing.

Scope of WP Profit Builder

Personally I feel that WP Profit Builder is a great tool. The product is really powerful and it has numerous features. At least it has made my life very easy. Previously I was using multiple plugins, one for creating marketing pages, one for managing memberships and one for my ecommerce sites. Thanks to WP Profit Builder, now I only have to work with a single plugin.

When you will use a single platform for multiple tasks (in this case WP Profit Builder) there are fair chances that it will not work well for all of them. WP Profit Builder is primarily a marketing page creation wordpress plugin therefore it works best in this capacity. But when I have to create an ecommerce site, WP Profit Builder still works but in this case, it is not the best plugin. There are other more specialized ecommerce plugins for creating and managing an ecommerce site.

This is the reason that I am still using my old plugins.

WP Profit Builder is undoubtedly best for creating professional marketing pages and this is what this plugin should be used for. In this capacity, it is simply outclass.

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WP Profit Builder review

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