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Why Social Traffic Is Least Important For Your Site

Social media traffic is said to be the easiest and cheapest traffic that you can get for your site. No matter how much webmasters and internet marketing gurus love social traffic, I do not like it at all. In fact, social traffic is the worst traffic that you can have.

Targeting Issues

The worst thing about social traffic is that it is non-targeted. No matter how hard you try, you cannot do anything about targeting.

People visit their favorite social networking platform to spend time with friends. They do not sign in to their Facebook account for shopping or for watching ads. People are not interested in buying. Even if you use PPC ads like Facebook advertising, your ad will be shown to people while they are spending time with friends. Even if they click your ad, land on your site, they will rarely buy.

No matter what you offer them, they will rarely be interested in it.

Niche Limitation

Social traffic is not good for every niche rather there are limited niches that work well with social traffic for instance entertainment, travel, fashion etc. are a few niches among others that will yield a high conversion rate. It needs a lot testing and tweaking to find the most profitable niche.

Ad Placement

Imagine your target audience is busy in chitchat with friends and meantime your ad shows up in the news feed, this is not the time when your target audience will buy. Alternately, search ads are best because that is the time when your target audience is searching for the product and is in buying mood.

Returning Visitors

People who visit your site via your Facebook Fan page, Twitter, Google plus page etc. is least converting. Those who have liked your page and are already following you on twitter, they know you, they know your business, they will only visit your site when they will need something to buy else they will not.

Let’s be honest, if you have liked over hundred pages and you are following more than a thousand people on Twitter, you will not going to read every single post and tweet. We miss a lot. Your customers miss a lot.

The Solution

Social traffic is good for two main purposes:

  1. Customer engagement, that is to engage with your customers. To let them know of your presence. To build a long-term relationship with your customers, potential customers and general target audience.
  2. Brand awareness is perhaps the best use of social networking sites.

As far as traffic is concerned, the best traffic is none other than organic traffic because that’s the people who find you via search engine just because they need you or your products.

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