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What Happens When You Are Your Own Boss

Becoming your own boss and saying goodbye to your current job is like a dream come true. Nobody likes to be supervised by a boss and nobody likes to have deadlines and orders ruining their weekdays and weekends.

Internet offers you with the best and the easiest opportunities to be your own boss. You can start any business you like within the range of money that you are interested in spending. An online business or a work from home business or a legit money making opportunity needs minimal investment, and this is the reason when someone thinks of becoming one’s own boss, internet seems to be the best option.


Things aren’t always that simple when you are your own boss. There are a lot of things that happen to you when you are your own boss (on the internet).

you are your own boss

When You Are Your Own Boss….

Becoming your own boss is not easy. You have to manage everything yourself. You have to be in-charge of everything you do on the internet. And let me tell you, it is not easy – it is not easy at all.

86 percent of the people who become their own boss and start an online venture or those who do any kind of freelancing work from their homes, fail to manage their work smartly and at the end, they fail.

When you are your own boss, you have to do pretty much everything. You have to find clients, you have to do the market research, you have to do the promotion, you have to talk to the clients, you have to retain customers, you have to find customers, you have to deliver work on time, you have to manage deadlines, you have to manage finances, you have to handle the recruiting and HR, you have to motivate your employees, you have to provide customer services and everything that you can think of.

This is not easy.

This is not easy at all.

You will make a lot of mistakes.

Even if you hire a team of people to work for you, you will still be your own boss and you will be the one managing them.

The fact is we all don’t have managing skills. A guy who did his Masters in Management from a top-class university is obviously better than someone who has never studied or practiced management in his/her entire life.

So the point is, though becoming your own boss with internet is now very easy because of all the endless (and affordable) opportunities that we have, it is still not easy.

Due to which we often see majority of the people don’t look satisfied with their online business or freelancing work.

If you don’t have management skills, or if you find yourself in deep waters after spending a few weeks or months on the internet, it is better to do something else.

We have to realize it. You have to realize it.

The sooner you admit it, better it is.

Do what you can do best. It does not necessarily have to be something on the internet.

You are your own boss – always. Think differently!

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