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Traffic Black Book Review

Traffic Black Book is a complete traffic generation course. It is in fact a book that comes with video tutorials, case studies and a few great bonuses. So how good is Traffic Black Book? Find out all in this Traffic Black Book review.

About the Book

It is a book that has a lot of value for newbie and for amateur internet marketers. There are quite a few videos as well. And for me, videos are much better than the actual book. There are 7 modules in the book and each one of them covers a single topic in depth.

Traffic Black Book: The Modules

Here is an overview of the modules of the Traffic Black Book.

  • The first module is about paid traffic. You will learn how you can get most out from your paid traffic campaigns? How to setup one and what mistakes to avoid.
  • In the 2nd module, you will learn about sales vacuum. How effective different types of search traffics are?
  • The 3rd module is about strategic planning. Of course it is about planning, target market, your customers, your competitors and a whole lot of other things.
  • 4th module discusses a few techniques of ad creation and you will learn how you can create landing pages.
  • In the 5th module you will learn how you can test and track all your campaigns. Track, test, amend and repeat.
  • Module 6 is about driving traffic that is where to direct customers. It is one of the most lengthy modules because it discusses about 4 different traffic generation methods.
  • In the last module, you will learn how to setup a retarget campaign.

All the modules are connected and it all works in steps. The Traffic Black Book is a step-by-step book hence there isn’t anything hard to follow here.

Plus you will find a lot of case studies as well that are just too good to keep you upbeat.

traffic black book review
Traffic Black Book

Does it Work

Well Traffic Black Book works but I have to say that it isn’t something that is really out of the box. For beginners, it is a good course. You will surely learn a lot of things from Traffic Black Book.

The Cons

  1. The course isn’t updated regularly.
  2. Too detailed which can confuse a newbie quite easily.

The Pros

  1. Traffic Black Book is best for beginners and new internet marketers.
  2. If you will stick to the strategies and techniques, you can drive a lot of traffic to your site quite easily.
  3. Traffic Black Book has 60 days money back guarantee.
  4. The book is step-by-step.
  5. Traffic Black Book comes with 4 great bonuses and several case studies.

Traffic Black Book Review Conclusion

Traffic Black Book is a good traffic generation course that will teach you as to how you can drive traffic to almost any site, page or blog. Traffic Black Book can surely help you drive traffic to your site and this is the reason that it is a highly recommended course for newbies and even expert internet marketers, bloggers, businesses, affiliates and SEO experts.

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