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The End of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging was supposed to be one of the most effective and legit ways to build quality backlinks. But unfortunately, this boat is about to sink very soon. Matt Cutts has announced in a recent post that it is the end of guest blogging.

The issue is most of the bloggers are using guest blogging for building links that are of no value. They are creating spam links.

On the other hand, blogs that accept guest posts are doing it like crazy. They don’t look at the site with which they are linking and thus they end up linking to spam sites. This is ridiculous.

Now I know that not all of us do this and there are millions of people out there who are still using guest blogging very carefully. But Matt Cutts has officially warned us all and it is also the official statement from Google. Guest blogging is next on the hit list.

It is the end of guest blogging.

end of guest blogging

What Now

The most important question is what to do now? What you need to do if you have been building links via guest blogging? How to keep yourself safe?

According to Matt Cutts if you get a nofollow backlink that is absolutely fine. The problem is with dofollow backlinks and when you get these from spam blogs that are already linking to hundreds or thousands of other sites.

The best advice is to get nofollow links.

Second, you need to be very careful when you choose a blog to submit your post. Make sure that the blog is not a spam one and it doesn’t link to too many sites.end of guest blogging

You also need to be extra cautious when you are accepting guest posts. You cannot afford to link to just any site rather link to sites that are valuable for the readers.

Also, inspect your backlinks portfolio. See where the links are coming from and what are the sites that are getting link from you. Just keep yourself out of the spam (or flagged) blogs. Stay out of the network that you might think is suspicious.

I have deleted several guest posts from my blog because it was the right thing to do after realizing that it is now the end of guest blogging.

All in all, keep your backlinks clean. Ensure quality content. Get links from relevant blogs/sites only. Start the cleanup process before it gets too late.

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