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Super Affiliate Handbook Review & Bonuses

Super Affiliate Handbook is authored by Rosalind Gardner. It is an affiliate marketing handbook that has everything you want to know about affiliate marketing and how you can make money via affiliate marketing. More about the book and its pros and cons in this Super Affiliate Handbook review.

Super Affiliate Handbook Reviewsuper affiliate handbook review

It is a 270 page handbook. It is a very detailed affiliate marketing handbook. The book has everything about affiliate marketing. When I say everything, it means everything.

Some of the major areas that are covered in the handbook are:

  • What is affiliate marketing
  • Common affiliate structures
  • How to start affiliate business
  • Affiliate site examples
  • Finding the right niche
  • Competition analysis and keyword research
  • Creating your website
  • Content writing
  • Monetizing your site
  • PPC and internet marketing strategies
  • How to increase your affiliate commission
  • Mistakes to avoid

So you see the Super Affiliate Handbook has almost everything about affiliate marketing that you actually want to know before jumping into affiliate marketing business.

The Author

super affiliate handbook reviewRosalind Gardner left her job in 2000 and started making money online by affiliate marketing. In 2002 she earned $436797 in commission. And since then she has been making much more every month.

She is a famous speaker and has a lot to teach to new affiliates.

The Cons

  • The handbook is very lengthy. Reading 270 pages isn’t easy. You will find yourself struggling in remembering things.
  • The book lacks a bit of practical implication. Not fully but most of the times you will say “how on earth should I do it?”

The Pros

  • Detailed, in-depth and well-written. Rosalind is a writer and she wrote this book herself so quality is there.
  • It is an informative book in the true sense. It has a lot of information about affiliate marketing. You don’t need any other affiliate marketing book or course if you have this book.
  • The book has some real examples and great strategies that are very helpful.
  • The book is fully risk-free as it is offered with 60 days money back guarantee.

Does It Work

I just skimmed through Super Affiliate Handbook and I found it interesting and informative.

BUT it has least practical implication. It isn’t a step-by-step kind of a book/course. So you have to read the things and then try them.

Second, the author didn’t actually reveal the method as to how she made $436797 from affiliate marketing?

So theoretically, Super Affiliate Handbook is a great piece but practically it isn’t a good read.

I recommend it for beginners and newbie who are just new to affiliate marketing and want to know all about it. For someone who is an expert affiliate, there isn’t much in the book you’ll love.

Super Affiliate Handbook Review Conclusion

Conclusively, Super Affiliate Handbook is a very informative and thorough-written book that covers each and everything about affiliate marketing. You are sure to learn a lot from this book. It comes from an affiliate (Rosalind Gardner) who makes $500K+ in affiliate commission every year. The book is informative but lacks a little bit of practical implication. Recommended for beginners and amateurs who want to learn all about affiliate marketing and consequently make money from it.

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super affiliate handbook review

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