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SociSynd Review

I was searching for a software kind of thing that will help me boost SERPs of my sites and blogs. I always like using socisynd reviewsuch products. I always start the quest from Warrior Forum and Black Hat World forums. I found SociSynd over at Warrior Forum. It is an internet-based social marketing software that works with crowd marketing.

The Author

Abbas Ravji is the author of SociSynd. He is a pretty famous guy and has created quite a few products in the past including Social Hub Builder, PR Traffic Booster and Viral Image Wizard. All his products are much appreciated by internet gurus.

SociSynd Review

Let’s talk about SociSynd. It is a subscription based marketing software. You can choose from Basic, Lite or Pro package. It has a submitter which you have to download. It is a desktop application that starts automatically. Then it has a web-based platform where you have to sign up with your license key to add campaigns and everything else.

socisynd review

How It Works

There are different social sites that are part of SociSynd. All the subscribers have to create accounts on these social sites. You have to enter your user name and password in the SociSynd platform so that it can easily sign in to your accounts. The campaigns that you setup on your SociSynd account will be submitted to social accounts of other users. And in return, your accounts will be used for publishing the content of other users. For instance, if your link is posted on 10 Tumblr blogs, in return 10 blog posts will be published on your Tumblr blog. And this is how it works.

You have to create a campaign, set it and then forget it. The number of campaigns allowed varies according to the package selected. The maximum number of campaigns that you can have is 8.


I have to admit that SociSynd offers you with a lot of features but to get access to all the features, you have to be on the Pro package. Here is a list of what you can do inside SociSynd.

  • You can add as many accounts to boost the posting. For instance, if you will create 3 accounts on FriendFeed, you can get 3 times more posts from FriendFeed.
  • You can use your own articles in the spin format.
  • Promoting RSS feed of your blog is very easy. Just enter the RSS feed of your blog and forget about it. Whenever you will publish a new bog post, it will be shared on the chosen social networks.
  • You can get Facebook likes, shares, Tweets, visits to your site and a lot of other services.
  • All the social signals come from original user accounts from different IP addresses and from different countries.
  • You can promote any link as long as it is not an affiliate link. Everything else is accepted at SociSynd.

Clearly SociSynd has a lot to offer you since it is based on crowd marketing concept, so there is a lot of strength in this system. It has a strong foundation.

socisynd review
Social Networks supported by SociSynd

BUT the real question is will it improve your search engine rankings? Will SociSynd bring in any traffic, sales or conversions?

Anyone who buys SociSynd uses it with an intention to improve search engine rankings and this is what SociSynd claims that it does improve rankings.

Is It Any Good For Search Engine Ranking?

You will find a lot of reviews and testimonials all over the internet that will say that SociSynd has pushed their site to the top page of Google in less than a week.

For me, SociSynd didn’t work. I have used it for a whole month and there was no improvement in SERPs, no increase in traffic. Personally I don’t like it at all because it is unable to do what it promised to do.

My Case Study

I purchased the Pro SociSynd package. I used it to promote a blog post for a specific keyword that has less than 300 monthly searches and it was a low competitive keyword.

After using SociSynd for a month, I guess I got 1000 social signals and backlinks to my blog post (as it is being advertised), but there was no improvement in the SERPs. Nothing happened at all.

I was using multiple URLs (from different domains) in different campaigns and to my surprise, none of them showed any improvement. This was disappointing for me.

I was using it at its full capacity and as per recommendations and suggestions, but it was all useless.

But this was just the beginning.

Buying Issues

SociSynd is available at Deal Guardian. I tried to buy it, but I was surprised to see that there was no option for credit card payment. It is annoying when you have your credit card in your hand and you are asked to pay via PayPal because that is the only payment option that is available.

I contacted the author and told him that I want to pay via credit card but there is no such option, he said “We only accept payments via PayPal”. Fine.

But after a few days, the credit card option was there and I purchased it – finally.

Interface Issue

The web interface is good but there is a really irritating issue with it. After closing the window, when you open it again, you will not see your campaigns. You will have to logout and then sign in again to see your campaigns. Imagine if you have to see your campaigns 5 or 6 times a day, you will have to logout every time and then sign in back to see your campaigns. This is indeed frustrating.

Additional Costs

There are a few additional costs associated with SociSynd.

  1. Creating accounts on all those social sites isn’t easy. You need at least two hours to do it. You will be offered an account creation service for free. That’s a good go. Get it and at least get accounts created for the first time for free. If you want to create more accounts, you will have to pay for them.
  2. For using your own articles with the Pro package, you will need The Best Spinner. If you own it, that’s good, if you don’t have it, you will not be able to use your own articles.
  3. You need to have a captcha service. It is necessary because most of the social sites have captchas on their sign in page. To post your articles and links on social sites, SociSynd will have to sign in to the accounts of other users and thus it needs to solve the captcha.

You need to keep these costs in mind before you buy SociSynd.

What Happened When I Cancelled My Subscription?

After I cancelled my SociSynd subscription, my package was converted instantly to Basic. However, I had paid for the Pro package for the entire month. I cancelled the subscription well before the next payment (I guess 5 days before the next billing date), so technically and ethically I should be allowed to use Pro package for the next 5 days or for the entire month, but I was shifted to Basic package. This was shocking for me and I lost my trust in the SociSynd and in all other products created by the same author.

I didn’t notify the customer support since I had no interest in it anymore. It wasn’t working for me, so it doesn’t make any difference to me whether I am on Basic package or Pro package or any other package, but yes cheating and dishonesty does make a difference.

Things I Like About SociSynd

Without doubt, SociSynd is a very powerful social crowd marketing software and it has the power to do a lot for you.

  1. It has a 3 day trial period. You can try any package for $1 for 3 days. But you will not see any results in 3 days so don’t expect to see any results quickly.
  2. It has tutorials and user guide that are sure to help you. In fact, you will not be able to use it without watching video tutorials.
  3. The social signals are good. Most of them are detected by Google Webmasters Tools which is very catchy about backlinks, and if it detects social backlinks created by SociSynd, this means that these are strong ones.
  4. Everything is automated. You just have to setup the campaigns once and then sit back and relax. It will keep on posting by its own.
Suggestions and Recommendations

To be honest and fair, I would not recommend SociSynd. I mean if it has not worked for me and showed no results (at all) in 25 days, I will not recommend it to anybody.

The only thing that SociSynd can do for you is improve your search engine rankings and if it fails to do so, you don’t have to use it, right? You cannot expect any direct traffic from these social sites because all the people who are using SociSynd, they do not use it on their main accounts rather they create new accounts for SociSynd. So getting direct traffic is simply out of question.

I was really disappointed when my package was changed to Basic after cancellation. I don’t want the same to happen to anyone else, so stay away.

There are so many other good products out there in the market that will do the same for you in a much better way.

Even if you are desperate to use SociSynd, never use it on your main social accounts. Create a new email address and create new social accounts on all those sites.

SociSynd Review Conclusion

Finally, I’d say that SociSynd is not a recommended product. There are several issues with it. The major problem is that it does not boost your search engine rankings. Interface has major issues. I don’t like it.

If you need traffic and better search engine rankings, I’d recommend using Traffic Black Book. It is a much better traffic generation system then SociSynd.

socisynd review

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