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Power Suggest Pro Review & Bonuses

Power Suggest Pro is a keyword tool that has the potential to make marketing research easy for you. It is a really powerful software that pulls data from six major search engines. Finding latest trends, buying keywords and local keywords for your blog post is just a piece of cake with Power Suggest Pro.

OK, let’s begin with my Power Suggest Pro review.

Power Suggest Pro Review

Power Suggest Pro is a software that you can download on your computer. You need internet to use the software but power suggest pro reviewit isn’t a web-based software. It has one-time payment and the overall user interface is very simple and easy-to-use.

When you enter any keyword, the Power Suggest Pro will give you ‘keyword suggestions’ based on six major search engines including:

It is basically a suggestion tool where you don’t necessarily have to enter the complete keyword rather you just have to enter any word or phrase to get suggestions and ideas. It works as a suggestion tool.

Power Suggest Pro Features

  • It shows keyword suggestions from six search engines and not just Google. This is the best thing about Power Suggest Pro.
  • You can find keywords that are untapped and ignored.
  • Availability of geo-targeting.
  • List of keywords can be copied to Google Keyword Planner instantly (with a click) to find monthly search volumes.
  • Available in different languages.
  • Extremely simple user interface. You don’t need any training to use it.
  • Keywords can be saved for future use.
  • Symbols can be used for search purpose like # (for hashtags), *, www and Boolean symbols.

power suggest pro review

How It Is Different From Other Research Tools

We all know that there are several such tools available in the market already, then what’s so special (or even different) about Power Suggest Pro?

The best thing (that I personally like about it) is that it has the ability to pull the latest data (in run-time) from top search engines. All the search engines included in Power Suggest Pro really make a difference.

It must also be noted here that with Power Suggest Pro, you can find trends all over the world or in any specific country. Even if you aren’t sure about the niche or keyword, you just have to start with any keyword like ‘how to’ and it will give you results for the most suggested how to phrase.

It really let’s you save the time. It is not that the things that Power Suggest Pro do for you, cannot be done without it (or manually), of course you can do the same research manually. But why spend hours of hard work when the same thing can be done in a minute or so?


  • Power Suggest Pro is very easy-to-use though you get a video tutorial that shows you how to use it, but I don’t think that there is any need for it.
  • Software is very quick. As I have seen, most of the other similar research tools are very slow. This is very quick. Although it pulls live data from 6 search engines, it is still very quick.
  • No recurring payments.
  • It is fully packed with a lot of features that are indeed very helpful for the users.
  • Finally we have a research tool that goes beyond the big G.


  • It doesn’t show the monthly searches or the competitiveness of the keywords rather it only shows the number of occurrences (in terms of suggestions by any particular search engine). For me, this is a potential drawback of the software and if Ted somehow manages to integrate the same within the tool, it will become a killer.

How It Can Help You

How Power Suggest Pro can help you? Why you have to buy it? What it can actually do for you?power suggest pro review

Simply put, it will let you find new niches, new keywords and new ideas – that’s it.

Now if you know how to use Power Suggest Pro for your benefit, you can really change the game.

For instance, being a blogger I have been using Power Suggest Pro for finding blog titles (and of course keywords) for my upcoming blog posts. I just put the word in it, and it shows me a huge list of related keywords, phrases and long-tail keywords. I then take the same list of keywords in Google Keyword Planner Tool, look for monthly search volumes and choose the keyword that I find most useful.

But this is me.

You can use Power Suggest Pro in any way you like whether you want to start a new business, a new niche site, need titles for your blog posts, need keywords for PPC campaign, need keyword ideas, need a list of keywords for SEO or whatever.

Who Should Use It

Honestly speaking, Power Suggest Pro is a must for internet marketers, SEO experts, bloggers, webmasters, businesses and for beginners.

Let me be very clear, Power Suggest Pro itself is a great tool. You should know how to use it for your own benefit. There is no right or wrong way to use it instead the thing that only matters is how creative you are at using Power Suggest Pro. How you get most out from it.

Why Use Power Suggest Pro

Power Suggest Pro extracts more keywords than Google Keyword Planner because it extracts data from 5 other most powerful search engines too. This is the most important reason for using it, if you know what it actually means.

Besides it saves a lot of time. I know you can do all this stuff yourself or your assistant can do it, but think about the time that you will save if you will use Power Suggest Pro. It will get the work done in minutes, it will get it done perfectly and efficiently.

Probably the best reason for using Power Suggest Pro (in my point of view) is that it will help you find niches and keywords that are absolutely new or are totally ignored. If you happen to find such a niche, you can easily become the market leader in that particular niche. You will just have to tell people about the importance of your niche, and that’s all.

There are fair chances of becoming a market leader in new niches, and to find new niches you should use Power Suggest Pro.

Power Suggest Pro Review Conclusion

That’s all with my Power Suggest Pro review.

Overall, I personally love Power Suggest Pro. Thanks to Ted for a review copy and for letting me use it before its launch. So far, I’m loving it.

After installing Power Suggest Pro, I haven’t used Google Keyword tool. Though there is still much more to learn but so far, I am pretty impressed with it.

I don’t hesitate to recommend Power Suggest Pro to anyone who is interested in any kind of keyword research, market research or niche research. It is equally good for beginners as well as professionals. Ted is planning to increase the price in future so if you are interested in buying Power Suggest Pro, better do it now before price goes up.

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power suggest pro review

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