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Point Blank SEO Link Building Course Review

Link building is indeed very important for organic traffic. No matter what Google says about link building, you cannot go without building backlinks for your site. Point Blank SEO Link Building Course is a decent link building course that I will be reviewing today. Let’s begin with the Point Blank SEO Link Building Course review.

Point Blank SEO Link Building Course Review

Point Blank SEO has developed a complete link building course that is said to be equally good for beginners, intermediates and experts. The course starts with the basics and by the end of the course, you get hands onto some really expert kind of techniques and strategies. There is something for everyone in the course.

point blank seo link building course review

Course Modules

Beginner’s Guide is the starting point for beginners who are absolutely new to link building stuff. Then it moves ahead to conducting campaigns, link building strategies and what tools to use. Up till this point, all the modules are for beginners and intermediates. For advanced users, a complete section is available with lots of link building secrets (advanced section).

The course also has three additional modules which include:

  • Link building opportunities
  • Blueprint for new sites
  • Ecommerce guide

These three parts of the course are really helpful for beginners as well as intermediates.

Is Point Blank SEO Link Building Course Any Good

Let’s come to the point, how good Point Blank SEO Link Building Course is? Will it make any difference in link building?

For beginners, it is a perfect course. Even for intermediates it is a great resource. There is so much in it from the perspective of learning and understanding the basics of SEO and link building (things that most of us don’t know). Once you know the basics and how things actually work, finding link building opportunities is not an issue.

For experts, the course offers a particular section which is good and it depends on your current level whether you know those link building tactics or not, but generally as I know, the advanced section seems to carry a lot of useful information.

The link building techniques, methods and strategies discussed in the course are, no doubt, really awesome. For someone who is new to link building, these strategies are sure to blow you away.

Is it Google Safe?point blank seo link building course review

Majority of the methods are absolutely white hat and Google safe because there is no kind of link-buying involved. If you stick to what’s being said in the course, there is no point that you will ever be slapped by Google. As they say excess of everything is bad, same is true for backlinks. Excess of any particular type of backlinks isn’t good for your site’s long-term health. But don’t worry, you will get to know everything about link diversification in the course.


  • Onetime charges only.
  • The blueprints can be downloaded. You don’t have to necessarily be in the member’s area to read the PDFs.
  • The course has a lot of information that is all authentic. No fluff.
  • The course content is updated regularly as and when needed. You will always get access to the latest strategies and tools.
  • Best for beginners since it has everything that a beginner wants to know about link building.
  • The course has been compiled and authored by Jon Cooper who is really an expert.
  • No black hat strategies. All methods are legit.


  • The course is lengthy and needs a lot of time to even skim the entire course. It is recommended to jump to the section that you are interested in and skip the ones that you think aren’t new for you.
  • A course isn’t just enough. You will have to build links yourself which is the hard part.

Point Blank SEO Link Building Course Review Conclusion

Point Blank SEO Link Building Course is not a bad course especially for beginners. You are sure to learn a lot of good stuff from this course but learning and reading isn’t just enough. The idea is to build links which ultimately depends on several factors including time, budget and others. If you don’t have the time to build links to your site, it is not a good idea to spend money on Point Blank SEO Link Building Course instead you can get a link building tool.

If you are interested in buying Point Blank SEO Link Building Course, I’d suggest you ensure that you are ready for long-term commitment for spending time as well as money for link building, else it is not a wise decision to spend money on the course.

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