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Paid Social Media Jobs Review

Paid Social Media Jobs is a site where you can get paid to do social media related jobs. It is a freelancing portal that specifically operates in social media niche. Read all about it in Paid Social Media Jobs review.

Paid Social Media Jobs Review

Paid Social Media Jobs is a membership site. You have to register with them to apply on various social media jobs. Registration isn’t free. However, you can try their portal and site for 3 days for free, of course.

paid social media jobs review

What Type Of Jobs You Should Expect At Paid Social Media Jobs?

All the jobs are related to social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc.). You can view latest jobs on their site. The jobs are related to uploading videos on youtube, managing Facebook accounts, managing Twitter accounts and alike.

These are relatively simple and easy jobs that anyone can do without any experience.

At Paid Social Media Jobs, they have their own clients that upload social media jobs on their site, apply on the jobs, get interviewed and if selected, do the job and get paid for it.

The Cons

  • There is nothing special about Paid Social Media Jobs. It just operates like a freelancing site but it isn’t free.
  • The competition is very tough. You are not the only one who is applying on these jobs. There are lots and lots of other people like you who also apply on these social media jobs. So chances of getting hired are minimal for beginners.
  • Too much hype.
  • You cannot make a lot of money via social media jobs especially if you have no experience.
  • Lacks step-by-step guidance for newbie.

The Pros

  • They offer 3 days trial so that you can check their system and portal.
  • It has 60 days money back guarantee, so if things don’t work for you, ask for a refund before 60 days.
  • They offer you with detailed videos about different ideas to make money quickly.
  • They offer you with real social media jobs.
  • You can choose your own working hours.
  • No experience needed at all.

paid social media jobs review

Does It Work

It works.

But I don’t recommend Paid Social Media Jobs to beginners.

Why you have to pay for just applying on the jobs? Why you have to pay for social media jobs to Paid Social Media Jobs when you can find lots of these jobs on other freelancing portals for FREE?

The thing is even if you are REALLY interested in social media jobs, you must look for them on other freelancing sites like odesk.com, elance.com, freelancer.com and others.

For Paid Social Media Jobs, it works. They have their own clients who upload social media related jobs on their site. You can try their network for 3 days and see if you have any luck with them.

However, if you are an experienced social media marketer and you are sure that you can easily get social media jobs, this is for you. Even if you invest your money in Paid Social Media Jobs, you can get it back quite easily.

Paid Social Media Jobs Review Conclusion

Paid Social Media Jobs is a paid freelancing site where only social media jobs are published. You can apply on these jobs and can make money. No experience needed.

But use Paid Social Media Jobs with care as it isn’t free. You don’t have to pay money for something that you can get for free on other freelancing sites.

Only recommended if you have experience with social media jobs or if you hold a marketing degree or if you are sure that will get highly paid jobs there.

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