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Making Money Fast Online: Truth, Myth or Scam

When we hear about money or making money fast, it always rings a bell for us. Who does not want it anyway?

Let’s face it, we all want it, the more money, the happier we are and faster we get it the better. One way to earn money fast is to earn online. Internet is a powerful – not just for improving your social interaction but for the fact that you can earn some serious money from it.

However there are myths, scams and fortunately, the truth in making money fast online. I jot down some of this myths, scams and truth in making money, to give out tips and guidelines on what you should believe in and disregard.


Good news internet savvy, yes we can earn money online and in many ways, like selling your own or someone’s stuff, by selling your own products and services, and applying for Virtual Assistant, article writing, date encoding, teaching English online, appointment setting, customer service assistance and many more to mention. By just having better computer-internet setup, a perfect set of skills, you are ready to go and earn money online fast. If you are still having second thought, a good example is no other than the blogger himself John Chow, who only works 2 hours a day in front of his computer making $40,000 per month by blogging, now he is already an author and write inspirational books on making money online.


So it’s a fact, we can earn fast via online, but it is better to think and observe twice or yet many times before you start anything on the internet. Though its true, not every website about earning money is legit, there are scammers and they are a lot. A lot of websites post and promise that their site is a legitimate and they will pay you quickly, but before you know it, when you ate the bait, they already have your money or got your personal profile – and you end up as another victim of online hoax. Good news though, there are ways to catch these scammers but better not to be their victim at first hand by being lenient in every step you do online. It is also better to search on how to outsmart the scammers, there are blogs and articles on how to do it which are very helpful.


You are now aware of the scams, you already know the facts, but still ready yourself about the myths about making money fast.

Most common myth is that you can have 6 or more digit income overnight, this is so not true. Like every other work, you will have a chance to boost your income but definitely not in a day and not in that kind of figure.

Second, the more you are online, the more money you will have, this situation depends on what you have been doing online. Some are paid on hourly basis but mostly working people working online are paid per project.

Last but not the least, about working online myths is that you can do your online business for free. Nothing is free nowadays, especially when it is business most of the legit sites will ask for payment to fully promote and set up your business online.

The idea of fast earning online really depends on how you measure your time. One month earning maybe fast for some and slow for others, however since you have an idea about the scams, myths and facts about making money fast, you can have a peace of mind and high confidence to start earning money. Good luck!

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