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Magic Article Rewriter Review: Auto Content Generation

Content happens to be the most crucial component of any website. Unique articles are the basic need of every website. You just cannot do without articles on the internet be it a blog, information sharing, marketing or making money from your website – you always need content (and mostly articles). If you hate writing articles, you should seriously think of using Magic Article Rewriter.

What is Magic Article Rewriter and what it can do for you? Read all about it in Magic Article Rewriter review.

Magic Article Rewriter Review

It is an article rewriter software that’s made by Alexandr Krulik. It works like any other article rewriter or spinner (like Content Professor, Killer Content, Rapid Content Wizard). It has the ability to generate unique articles on magic article rewriter reviewautopilot by rewriting the article.

How Magic Article Rewriter Works

Rewriting articles from this software is very easy. You have to follow these steps to generate as many articles as you want.

  1. Paste the article in the Magic Article Rewriter that you want to rewrite. This could be any article – a PLR article, an article that you wrote or you can copy any article from anywhere.
  2. You then need to add synonyms of the words. You can add as many synonyms that you like and you have to do it at word level. You can also replace sentences. So Magic Article Rewriter spins at both word level and at sentence level.
  3. Enter the number of articles that you want to generate.


  • Magic Article Rewriter spins the original article at word as well as sentence level which makes it a very powerful article rewriter.
  • More than 30,000 words are available with their synonyms in the database.
  • You can add your own words in the dictionary and you can add your own synonyms as well. It is very flexible software.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Tokens make it easy for you to spin same words automatically.
  • It comes with 5 free bonuses.

The Quality of the Rewritten Articles

When using rewriters and spinning software, it is critical to understand that no article writing software can generate perfect articles. This software generates unique articles but quality is only guaranteed when you use synonyms very carefully. It depends on you as to how many synonyms you add, what synonyms you add and how many articles you generate. These three factors will determine the quality as well as readability level of the rewritten articles.

When it comes to using these rewritten articles, the best use of these articles is for marketing purpose or for link building. When you are sure that no body will read your article, it is fine to use auto-generated content. You cannot publish rewritten articles by Magic Article Rewriter onto your blog without editing and proofreading them.

If you know how to use a software like this and if you know how to use it smartly (and carefully), you can literally add a lot of value to your own blog (website), and at the same time, you can generate tons of traffic with article marketing.

magic article rewriter review


  • Easy to use software.
  • Generate as many unique articles as you want from a single article.
  • Best for article marketing and traffic generation.
  • It has the feature to automate most of the repetitive tasks in the rewriting process (tokens).
  • It comes with 5 valuable bonuses.
  • You can add your own words and synonyms in the dictionary.
  • Rewrites the article at word as well as sentence level.


  • You cannot use articles blindly rather you have to read and edit them before sending them out for publishing.
  • Only good for article marketing.


There are two types of articles that you need. First, high quality articles for your brand, website and blog. Second, articles for marketing and link building. You cannot compromise the quality of the articles that you use on your blog but articles that are used for marketing and link building don’t necessarily have to be of high quality because these are never read by any human – rarely though. So why waste time and resources on writing high quality articles that no one will ever read?

This is why Magic Article Rewriter is a good software to go for because it can help you a lot with writing unique articles that you can use for marketing and link building purposes. It will cut your cost to a significant extent and at the same time, it will provide you with articles at a much fast pace.

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